Business Services

The Business Services Office for the District is located in the Administrative Services Office at Booth Center and houses various business functions of the District, including budgeting, financial reporting, cash management, purchasing and accounting.


The Business Services Team manages the district’s budget and budget process, including long-term forecasting.  The budget development process for each school year utilizes the Superintendent’s Cabinet as the core working group and also involves a series of dialogues with building principals, managers, and the Board of Education. Teachers and other building level staff are expected to participate in the budget process via input through the building principal.  A budget is presented for adoption by the Board by June 30 for the next school year. The Board approved budget is included in an annual comprehensive budget report.

Financial Reporting & Analysis

All internal and external financial statements are prepared by the Business Services Team, including the audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Financial analysis for schools and departments with fee-based programs is also provided, along with the analysis of certain district-wide services.


Business Services Team Members coordinate the purchase of supplies, equipment, and contractual services of the District. Purchase orders from throughout the District are processed from this office. In addition, the purchasing staff assists with the research of vendor products and services as well as manages the bidding process of supplies and equipment. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations are monitored by this office.


Business Services Team Members are responsible for all payments to vendors, along with the issuance of checks to employees for mileage, conference payments, reimbursements, and other non-payroll items. Checks are run weekly throughout the school year.  The department provides accounting support for all grants, for student activity funds, and petty cash funds managed by staff at buildings. 

Team Members