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Welcome to the Bloomfield Hills Schools Food Services Program Site!

Our web site offers Bloomfield Hills parents and students an in-depth look at the Food Service Department. We will offer you nutritional tips, give you a detailed look at the menus that we provide for your children and introduce you to our catering services for parties or gatherings. We will also give you step-by-step instructions to our pre-payment plan and show you how you can add to your student's account from home. 

The Goals of the Food and Nutrition Department

  • Provide meals that are high quality, nutritious and appealing to students and staff.
  • Serve food that is safe, wholesome and prepared according to proper food handling and sanitation procedures.
  • The food service staff are dedicated employees, providing excellent customer service, making your concerns a high priority.
  • The program operates on a self-supporting basis with fiscal responsibility.
  • Food services continuously strive to improve the nutritional quality and student acceptance of school meals by developing new recipes, offering as many choices as possible, focusing on food presentation and promoting healthy food selections.

What is a School Lunch

  • indian food.jpg
    School meals are planned to meet at least 1/3 of a student's recommended dietary allowance for various age groups.
  • Each student meal includes a minimum of five required food items:
    • Meat or meat alternate
    • Fruit
    • Vegetable
    • Grains/bread
    • Milk
  • "Offer vs. Serve"
    • A wide variety of foods are offered within each food group so that students can select a well-balanced meal. USDA requires that students must choose at least three of the five offered food items. All three food items must be selected from different food groups to assure they meet their recommended nutrient levels.
    • Students taking fewer than three items must be charged a la carte prices.

Free & Reduced Lunch

  • Families that qualify can receive free or reduced price meals. Families that were approved last year must fill out a NEW form within the first two weeks of school to continue assistance.
  • Download the Free and Reduced Application by clicking on the links to the right.
  • Confidentiality - All children receiving free or reduced meals are kept confidential.
  • Families who qualify for reduced or free lunches can deposit money in their student's account to purchase extra menu or snack items.
  • Milk: $ .60 for skim, lowfat white, or lowfat chocolate
  • A la Carte items: Varying prices

Field Trip Lunches

  • Food Service can provide students with a “special bag lunch” for field trips that require classes to be away during the lunch hour.
  • baglunch.png
    Suggested Lunch Selections
    • Sandwich (choice of)
    • Grilled Chicken Wrap with shredded lettuce, parmesan,
      mozzarella cheese & Ranch dressing
    • Sliced Bagel with Turkey & Cream Cheese
    • Turkey and Mozzarella Roll Up
    • Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustable Sandwich (where permitted)
    • Fruit (choice of) Apple Slices • Grapes • Applesauce
    • Veggie Carrots w/dip
    • Snack (choice of) Chips • Cookie • Fruit Roll Up • Yogurt
    • Beverage Water or Juice Box
  • Elementary Lunch - $3.15
  • Secondary School Lunch - $3.40
  • EASY PAY! Use your student’s Debit Account to pay for this special bag lunch! Please provide 3 days notice.
  • For a Field Trip Lunch Order Form click here.
  • Lunches will be delivered to the bus with the student’s name attached.