Payment Information

Meal Prices


A variety of choices are available a la cart in the middle and high schools.

Lunch Prices

  • $3.15 Elementary
  • $3.40 Secondary and High School
  • Specialty lunches slightly higher
  • Secondary students who purchase a whole lunch are smart shoppers!!
  • $ .60 Milk
  • Assorted A-La Carte items and prices available

Reduced Meals

$ .40 available to eligible families - a student may select any complete meal offered.

Free Meals

Available to eligible families - a student may select any complete meal offered.

Payment Options


Send to school with student's full name in memo area. Make checks payable to: Bloomfield Hills Schools


Please put in envelope and print the student's full name on the outside of the envelope. Please do not send large amounts of cash. Cash is accepted at the registers in the middle and high schools.

Credit Card

To deposit money into your student's account from PayPal, you first need to log into ParentConnect ; that way the monies will go directly into their account. Please note that there is a small percentage fee attached to all deposits and with PayPal there is no limit on the deposit amount. If you are having a issue logging in to your account please sign in as guest to enter into PayPal.

Forgotten passwords can be obtained on the login page of Parent Connect. Usernames and logins will be available at each school on curriculum nights scheduled throughout September. If you are unable to attend the curriculum night, please check with the school's office or the Parent Connect Help Desk at 248.341.6388.

We are also able to accept deposits at each school cafeteria. Please make all checks payable to Bloomfield Hills Schools and reference your student's name and school in the memo area of the check.


NEW - Effective the first day of School

Students MUST have money in their account to purchase lunch. Student accounts MUST be brought up to date by the first day of school. Students with negative balances will not be permitted to use their card to purchase lunch until it is brought up to date.

Students with low balances are notified in two ways suggesting that funds should be added to their account:

  • Cashiers will advise students of low account balances.
  • School Messenger will place a courtesy call to all students when their balance falls below
    $5.00 so that accounts may be replenished in order to avoid disruption in lunch services.

Please ensure that your phone number is correct through Parent Connect.

Please note: The School Messenger system will call accounts with a negative or low balance. The School Messenger system will not call an account with an exact balance of "0" or with a balance greater than $5.00.

  • The cafeteria will not cash checks for students. We will assume that checks brought to the
    cafeteria are intended only for school lunch.
  • There is a $20.00 charge for all returned checks which is deducted from your student's account.
  • Balances at the end of the each school year remain on students' accounts and will carry over to the next school year.

Free & Reduced Meal Program

Families that qualify can receive free or reduced price meals. Families that were approved last year must fill out a NEW form within the first two weeks of school to continue assistance.

Return to your school office or send to:

Food & Nutrition Office
4200 Andover
Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48302
Attn: Mandy Sosnowski

If you need help in completing the application we would be happy to assist you. Contact our office at 248.341.5671

No one knows if a child is receiving free or reduced price meals. Families who qualify for reduced or free lunches can deposit money in their student's account to purchase extra menu or snack items.

  • Milk: $ .60 for skim, lowfat white, or lowfat chocolate
  • A la Carte items: Varying prices

Computerized Debit Student ID Card Program

  • Our computerized debit-student ID Card lunch program makes serving your child much easier, faster and simplifies payments for lunch.
  • All students have a debit card lunch account, which allows parents to prepay in advance for their child's lunch.
  • Please keep in mind that a debit card is not a credit card. Previously deposited funds are required to make a debit card purchase.
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