Thank you to all those who so generously donated to buildOn to support our building of an elementary school this February 2014 in the village of Kudi, Nepal.  Your generosity generated the $30,000 construction costs to build the school and our team of 11 International Academy students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working on the build-site and living with their host families.  Once we have pictures of the completed school we will be happy to share them with you.  Our Trek experience will be shared in our classrooms with students that weren’t as fortunate to participate.  Over l billion people in the world are illiterate and do not have access to education, with our buildOn efforts we can make a difference in the lives of generations of people, and we have!

buildOn breaks the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and low expectations through service and education.  Afterschool Service and Global School Construction Programs have provided the ignition to change lives and rebuild communities.  94% high school seniors in buildOn graduate and go on to college; 151programs across the United States; 567 schools have been built and over 1million hours in volunteer days has been contributed by community members; over 85,000 children and adults attend buildOn schools everyday! 

buildOn’s Club members contribute intensive local service, helping the homeless, seniors and children in urban areas and communities, confronting urban struggles with passion and optimism.  Our Club members participate in  community service in the following areas: tutoring elementary school students, volunteering at senior centers, serving meals at soup kitchens and homeless shelters, renovating community centers and environmental restoration and clean-up projects.

The IA buildOn’s Club actively fundraises the construction costs of building schools in countries:  Haiti, Nicaragua, Nepal, Senegal, Malawi and Mali providing an enrichment opportunity to travel and live with local host families and participate in the building of the schools.

Meetings are Mondays at 2:45 in room 304 


Giacomo Molteni      Rachel Chandra

Co-Service Officers:  

Megan MacKenzie     Vanessa Wong

Sponsorship/Fundraising Officers:

 Natalie Boag             Shriya Suresh

Global Ed/Activities Officers:

Lexi Plumaj              Anna Hoppe        Jenna Saleh

Membership Officers:

Cara Fleming      Amar Amin      Eesh Dadheech

Social Media Officers:

Stacy Tsai             Shuhana Posani