Congratulations Class of 2017!

Congratulations to the Bloomfield Hills Schools graduating class of 2017! "We are extremely proud of you and your accomplishments. Go forth to achieve your dreams! Be the architects of your own futures. Continue to seek opportunities, form strong, caring relationships, take risks, be passionate and motivated, participate in meaningful work, and strive for excellence. Best wishes and sincere congratulations!" –Dr. Rob Glass, Superintendent of Bloomfield Hills Schools

BHHS 2017 Commencement from BHS-TV on Vimeo.

The phrase "My future is so bright I have to wear shades" had both a literal and figurative meeting during the Bloomfield Hills High School graduation ceremony at DTE Energy Theater on Sunday, June 11, 2017.

It was from a literal sense because many were wearing shades due to the powerful sun and scorching heat that was prevalent throughout the day.

But it also was from a figurative sense because the senior class officially closed the chapter on their high school days and prepared to launch themselves into the next phase of their lives full of hopes and dreams.

Before looking ahead though, eight students took time to look back on how special their educational experience at Bloomfield Hills High School was, despite the fact they had to be in three different buildings in their four years due to construction projects that led to the new merged high school.

Jack Silberman
Headed to the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Silberman said his favorite activity was being involved in the Student Council, where he was the treasurer each year for the prom and homecoming events.

"Always planning homecoming every year and planning prom this year was something I enjoyed," he said.

Of course, the big responsibility is making sure that everyone who attended those events paid their dues in full. Fortunately, he didn't have any issues in that regard.

"Luckily we did cover everything, which was good," he said. "We ended up being right on target."

Betsy Stubbs
Throughout her four years, Stubbs was involved in student leadership, and planning special events that united the school is something she will always treasure as she moves forward.

"I definitely think that was a huge part of my high school experience," she said. "I loved being able to go behind the scenes, not only planning them but seeing the work go into it. To see how big of a role pep assemblies and things like that play a role in their high school experience."

Of all the special events she liked being a part of, Stubbs said she did have a favorite.

"Hallway decorating," she said. "I loved doing that. Just seeing nothing there and then making it a really cool hallway. That was really fun."

While she had a favorite activity, the University of Michigan-bound Stubbs had a harder time coming up with a favorite teacher because there were so many.

"I don't know I've had a bad teacher at Bloomfield," she said. "I really enjoyed all my classes and all my experiences."

Shibi Sanjeev
Before attending Bloomfield Hills High School, Sanjeev said he never really had an experience in leadership.

That changed in his senior year when he was the editor-and-chief of the school newspaper, and then all of a sudden had the eyes of non-seniors looking up to him just as he looked up to teachers.

"It was different for me because it was the first real leadership experience I had," he said. "We had a lot of new kids on staff so it was definitely a lot of teaching them."

In getting to that role, Sanjeev gave a lot of credit to teacher and newspaper advisor Christina Hammitt, who he said was beyond supportive in developing him as a student.

"Under her leadership I became the editor-and-chief," Sanjeev said.

Sanjeev also said he will remember being in three different buildings positively because of how it strengthened the senior class.

"For us, there was a lot of trial and error," he said. "It was all really enjoyable and we had a great time."

Sanjeev will attend the University of Michigan.

Damon Riesgo
Finances and managing money were subjects that Riesgo didn't know a whole lot about before attending Bloomfield Hills High School, but a financial class at the high school changed all that, so much so they are lessons he said he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

"It taught me how to save my money and how to make good deals," he said. "It's a good thing to know."

Riesgo's next step will be attending Oakland Community College.

Caryn Randall
The most memorable experience for Randall while at Bloomfield Hills led to her saying that she will never do it again, but that definitely doesn't mean it was a negative experience.

Randall took part in the high school's Man in Nature program, a course that educates students on the outdoors.

The big part of that course came in May, when the class took an eight-day hiking and canoeing trip to Canada.

The students carried canoes on shoulders, spent a lot of time on water, hiked a lot, and in the words of Randall ate "a lot of pita."

When it was all over, Randall had one prevailing thought about the trip.

"I don't like hiking and canoeing," she said with a laugh.

Despite that revelation though, Randall said it is a trip she will always remember.

"I had never done anything like that before and I learned a lot about myself," she said.

Randall said she will attend Oakland Community College.

Cassie Fish
Fish had a bit of a different educational experience than most graduates at Bloomfield Hills High School since she spent most of her time at Bowers Academy.

She loved the smaller class size of 30 students and the fact she had only had three teachers, which she said led to a more close-knit environment.

"It's very different in that you are more isolated and you get to know all of the 30 people," she said.

For her senior project, Fish did a makeup portfolio where she did makeup projects on adults, something she has always been passionate about and wants to pursue more in the future.

Fish said she will spend time this summer helping out her mother at a veterinary clinic she works at while figuring out which cosmetology school she wants to attend.

Sydney Toussaint
During her junior and senior year, Toussaint was a part of the poms team at Bloomfield Hills, where she developed a great student-mentor relationship with poms coach Rachel Matz.

"She's been like my best friend," she said.

Then again, Toussaint said there were a lot of best friends she made during her high school years that she will always cherish as she prepares to embark on college studies at Bowling Green State University.

"I love Bloomfield schools," she said. "I met all of my closest friends here. The teachers look out for you and always want you to do your best."

Jaelin Kinney
Kinney said he had a little understanding of computers before taking a computer science class under Dave Zulkiewski during his sophomore year.

But after taking that class, he not only got an even further understanding of coding and other aspects of computer science, he developed a passion for it.

"It really got me the experience of what it was like," Kinney said. "I'm pursuing it in college."

Indeed, thanks to that class, Kinney said he will attend Central Michigan University in hopes of furthering a career in computer science, a future that might not have taken shape of not for his time at Bloomfield Hills High School.

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