EHMS Students Create Native Flower Habitat

By: Julia Beattie, IB-Teacher-Leader, East Hills Middle School

The weather has been beautiful and the kids are full of energy! The school is abuzz with summertime just around the corner!

The school year is winding down and the final Learner Profile trait of the school year begins at the start of June. This trait is fittingly "reflective." Throughout the school year, students and staff have walked their way through the ten Learner Profile traits, examining how these traits are embodied in themselves and others. As the students move through these final weeks, teachers will ask them for their final reflections on their school year. Being reflective is often something that many breeze through due to our busy schedules. However, as an IB World School, reflection is a part of our student and our teacher practice. So, consider taking some time over this weekend to reflect with your student on their school year and consider setting a goal or two to reach for in these last weeks of the school year.

This year, 6-8 graders have focused on a Service as Action learning opportunity. Teachers worked to weave a service opportunity for students within their IB units of study. The learning outcome for the 6th grade this year was for students to become more aware of their own strengths and areas for growth. For our 6th grade class, this meant creating a garden of native Michigan plants which attract butterflies.

The project began a few months ago, when Mrs. Endres' students began planting seedlings of native Michigan plants in our greenhouse space. With the help of our Bowers Farm guide, Michelle Golembieski and our school's Green Team, students had an opportunity to transfer the plants to our front gardens, where they can be watered and cared for during the summer months. We look forward to continue to develop the project next year with the expansion of our greenhouse learning space.

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