MASC/MAHS Student Leadership State Conference

The BHHS Student Leadership was honored to attend the 2017 MASC/MAHS Student Leadership State Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan on March 24-26, 2017.

This memorial experience for high school leaders promotes an opportunity for students to attend mixers with leadership representatives from all across the state of Michigan, center meetings, structured activities, student showcase presentations, motivational speakers, dinner and awards banquet, a dance, and school time as a time to reflect and create inspirational ideas to bring back to BHHS.

We are beyond proud of the BHHS Student Leadership team as they received the following nominations and awards at the state conference as they were recognized for their outstanding achievements, willingness and drive to better the school community, and for their continuous efforts to promote unity and school spirit:

Award of Excellence
The highest honor that a MASC/MAHS member organization can receive that awards a school that exemplifies the highest standards of organization, member development, community-minded service and goal-oriented vision for their programs.

STAR School Award
This award was designed to show a combined student leadership effort throughout the student body. This school goes above and beyond by designing, creating, and hosting events, attending leadership conferences and having member represent their school on the leadership State Board of Delegates.

Unsung Hero Award--Emilie Haji-Sheikh
Emilie Haji-Sheikh was the recipient of this award because she goes above and beyond to create a welcoming environment and memorable high school experiences for her school community and never seeks recognition or public accolades.

Student of the Year Nominee--Merrick Bank
Merrick Bank was nominated as a MASC/MAHS finalist due to his involvement with his school community, his leadership abilities, involvement and achievements in the Student Leadership class, and dedication to the BHHS cornerstones.

Principal of the Year Nominee--Charlie Hollerith
Charlie Hollerith was nominated for this award for his continuous support and guidance, involvement with student activities programs, and achievement of creating a successful school community. Mr. Hollerith values the development of young leaders and student ownership in the school. We thank Mr. Hollerith for his dedication and outstanding work at BHHS.

State of Michigan Board of Delegates Executive Board Representative -- Joe Shoemaker
BHHS OAA and Public Relations E-Board Member, Joe Shoemaker was elected by his peers to serve as as a representative to the MASC/MAHS State of Michigan Board of Delegates for the 2016-2017 school year. Joe was nominated by his peers to have the honor of serving as a member of the Executive Board for the State Board of Delegates.

The State of Michigan Board of Delegates is one of the oldest and largest programs of MASC/MAHS Michigan Student Leadership is the ability to offer students involved in a number of activities the platform to raise their voice in our organization. Each year, more than 30 students are selected to represent ALL of our member school students on the Board of Delegates.

  • Writing, facilitating, and presenting curriculum for new leaders at Leadership Training Institutes.
  • Representing their center/region member schools on organization decisions.
  • Finding new programs, publications, and events for students or advisers in their area. Assisting in promoting MASC/MAHS membership, programs, and events.
  • Networking and bringing new ideas to Michigan from regional and national events.
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