Pay to Participate Fees FAQ

Q: What is the Pay to Participate Fee for?
A: The fee offsets the cost to operate the athletic and club opportunities our students enjoy. By no means does the fee cover the full cost to operate these programs.

Q: The fee appears to be higher this year.
A: Yes, this is the first increase to this fee in district history and brings us more in line with our neighboring districts. The increase allows us to continue the valuable opportunities across our district.

Bloomfield Hills High School
Athletics & Clubs $200
Clubs Only $70

Bloomfield Hills Middle School, East Hills Middle School & West Hills Middle School:
Athletics & Clubs $150.00
Clubs Only $45.00

Q: What happens if I pay the fee and my child doesn't make the team or participate?
A: You will receive a full refund in this case.

Q: If I don't pay the fee online (, how can I pay the fee?
A: You can come to our Athletics & Recreation Office to process your payment. The office is located at 7273 Wing Lake Road, Bloomfield Hills MI 48301. To be sure of their office hours for that day, please call 248-433-0885 before driving to the building.

Q: Who can I connect with if I have more specific questions?
A: Please contact Angi Lewis or
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