Radio Students Win 12 Awards in National High School Radio Competition

Byline: WBFH Wins 2nd Place, Best High School Radio Station in Nation

Posted: November 11, 2012

The John Drury High School Radio Awards were created to recognize excellence in high school radio broadcasting. These awards were named in honor of award-winning ABC-Chicago news anchor, John Drury. The awards were presented by North Central College and their student radio station WONC-FM.

Fifteen WBFH students were nominated for 12 awards. The entries were submitted last May; therefore, some of the award winners graduated last June. WBFH students won two 1st Place awards, two 2nd Place awards and two 3rd Place awards. Six entries were Finalists, placing in the top five nominated in a category:

Best Sportstalk Program: 1st Place, Cameron Billes, Sam Srinivasan and Brandon Steingold; 2nd Place, Bryan Furlong and Cameron Billes; Finalist, Michael Blumenthal and Sean Shepard.

Best Sportscast: 1st Place, Cameron Billes and Ben Beltser.

Best Promo: 2nd Place, Alexander Madias and Danny Harwood; Finalist, Cameron Billes, Bryan Furlong and Kenny Selander.

Best Public Affairs Program: 3rd Place, Paul Stewart.

Best PSA: 3rd Place, Eric Bloom; Finalist, Winston Parker.

Best News Feature Story: Finalist, Grace McIlhon; Finalist, Eric Bloom.

Best Sports Play-By-Play: Finalist, Danny Harwood and Jeremy Fishman.

Billes, Stewart, Selander, Fishman and McIlhon are Andover Class of 2012 graduates. Srinivasan, Steingold, Furlong, Beltser, Madias, Harwood and Bloom are Andover seniors. Blumenthal and Shepard are Lahser seniors. Parker is an Andover junior.

The students are supervised by the WBFH management team of Station Manager/Electronic Media Teacher Pete Bowers and Assistant Manager/Technical Director Randy Carr.

WLTL from LaGrange, Illinois won 1st Place, Best High School Station. WWPT from Westport, Connecticut and WRHS from Burbank, Illinois tied for 3rd Place in the station competition.

“I congratulate all the winners and nominees,” said Bowers. “I’m very proud of our students who won and for WBFH placing second in the nation”. WBFH has won 1st Place, Best High School Station four times since 2004.

First place award winners were also given a $1,000 scholarship to attend North Central College.

WBFH, also known as The Biff, is a non-commercial, educational radio station broadcasting at 88.1 on the FM dial and online at