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    Enrollment Information

    Student Services / Central Enrollment

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    Welcome to Bloomfield Hills Schools and its Student Services/Central Enrollment department. This is the “place to be” if you are interested in enrolling a child in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Enrollment in special education for any age student is also handled here. We hope you find the information you need but if you have questions, please feel free to call us at 248.341.6380.

    Student Services is also the place where residency questions are answered and student demographic data are updated. If you are a student currently enrolled in Bloomfield Hills Schools and need to update an address or telephone number, please give us a call (248.341.6390) and we will help you through the process.

    Forms required to enroll in the Bloomfield Hills Schools are available through this website but Parents (or legal guardians) must complete the enrollment process in person. Please, do not mail or fax enrollment forms or birth certificates. If you have started the enrollment process but need to submit the immunizations, proof of vision exam or health questionnaire you may send it via fax to 248.341.6398. Please be sure that every fax includes your child’s name and school.

    Pre-Enrollment Online


    To begin the Pre-Enrollment process click here.

    Resident Student Enrollment Instructions


    1. Review immunization requirements and obtain any necessary immunizations.
    2. Determine residency status, if necessary (Call Student Services at 248.341.6390).
    3. Complete appropriate forms (see below).
    4. Deliver the completed forms and additional required documents to the Student Services/Central Enrollment office located at 7273 Wing Lake Road. This must be done in person and by a parent or legal guardian.

    Documents Required for Student Enrollment

    This list is intended to help you through the enrollment process. In every case, originals are required. Where appropriate, copies will be made and originals returned. Required/provided forms are available for printing from the internet website, or at the Student Services office.

    Required for every new K-12 resident student*

    (Kindergarten - see additional requirement below.)

    • Proof of Residency

    One of the following documents is required to prove residency

      • Recent Property Tax Statement
      • Current Lease/Rental Agreement**
      • Closing Statement from a recently executed purchase


    Three of the following documents (with mailing address) are required to prove residency. Mail should be no more than 60 days old and should be from three different sources. We do not accept cell phone bills, voter's registration, junk mail, or mail from Bloomfield Hills Schools.

      • Employer / Tax Statements
      • Credit Card Statements
      • Car Insurance Statement
      • Utility Bills (no cell phones bills)

    * Students who were previously enrolled but have not actively attended a Bloomfield Hills School within the last six months are considered "new" students.
    ** Leases must be notarized unless a management company/apartment complex handles the property

    Additional document required for Kindergarten students

    • Proof of Satisfactory Vision Exam completed after age 3 (submit statement from examining official)

    In District Open Enrollment / Transfer Request

    What Is In District Open Enrollment?

    Bloomfield Hills Schools commonly allows resident students to attend school at the building of their choice, if certain requirements are met.

    What Are The Minimum Requirements?

    • Space is available at the receiving building.
    • Transportation is provided by the student/family.
    • Approval from the "school of residence" principal is obtained.
    • Approval from the "school of choice" principal is obtained.
    • Approval from the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction is obtained.

    How Do I Exercise My In District Open Enrollment Option?

    What Happens Next?

    • After approving/rejecting the request, the Assistant Superintendent for Instruction notifies the parents/student, building principals, and Student Services of the final decision.
    • If necessary, contact the school of choice to confirm the first day of attendance.

    Important Notes:

    • A transfer request is building specific. A new request must be submitted if your child changes buildings for any reason.
    • Transfers, once granted, will remain in effect for at least one school year and continue in effect following that period unless the student, parent/guardian, or the school takes formal action to rescind the transfer.
    • Requests to rescind a previously approved transfer must be submitted in writing.