Human Resources

The Human Resources Office services all district employees and encompasses many areas, including employment, employee benefits, labor relations, payroll, worker’s compensation, FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) and retirement services. We believe that every employee has a right to be treated as a valued member of the Bloomfield Hills family, respected for the job they do, and receive an accurate paycheck and all benefits to which they are entitled. Our goal is to enhance the District’s mission by fostering a healthy, fair, equitable work environment that will attract excellent employees and enable them to develop to their full potential.

Please contact us at any time.

Contact List - HR & Labor Relations

  • Christine Barnett, Attorney

    Assistant Superintendent
    Work 248.341.5428
  • Karen Healy

    Executive Manager
    Work 248.341.5432
  • Cindy Carroll

    Administrative Assistant
    Work 248.341.5427

    Contact for: Certified staff employment, teacher/administrative certification, KALPA, online application support - certified

  • Claudia Cheairs

    Administrative Assistant
    Work 248.341.5408

    Contact for: Blood Borne Pathogens, Evaluation/Tenure, Fingerprinting, Directory

  • Sarah Dare

    Benefits Coordinator
    Work 248.341.5431

    Contact for: Salaried payroll, employee benefits, short/long-term disability, life insurance, flex deductions, flexible spending, FMLA, worker’s compensation

  • Lorraine Peak

    Payroll Coordinator

    Contact for: Direct Deposit, Garnishments, TDP, MIP, 403b, W-2s

  • Gwen Boesch

    Payroll Secretary
    Work 248.341.5437

    Contact for: Hourly payroll/attendance, leave/vacation banks, employment verifications

  • Meg Harkonen

    Substitute Placement Secretary
    Work 248.341.5433

    Contact for: Instructional/instructional support substitute staff employment, AESOP, EDUStaff payroll, teacher attendance/long-term placements, online application support, teacher coaching pay

  • Linda Dove

    Human Resource Secretary
    Work 248.341.5438

    Contact for: Support staff/substitute support staff employment, jury duty, interpreter supplemental pay, online application support – support staff