2017-18 School Year

We are excited to announce a new daily schedule starting next fall (September 2017). This change will include the addition of an eighth class to our current class schedule. Students will now have the opportunity to select an additional course. (Currently all students take 7 courses each semester; next year students will take 8 courses each semester.) This 8th class will fit into the current Advisory period. For grades 9 and 10, students may be guided to specific course selections that support and enhance their academic and Learning Community experience.

We are also developing new and exciting elective opportunities including internships and partnerships beyond our school walls. These new courses will be shared in March with students and parents when our new course description book is available. In this new schedule, the role and function of Advisory will also change. Advisory will now be scheduled one day a week, each Wednesday, for approximately 72 minutes. Students will be granted time to travel during this Advisory time to get support from teachers and colleagues. You are able to see a draft of the bell schedule below.

Our counseling department will be working closely with students and families to provide guidance in course selection. We are excited about the opportunities our new schedule will provide and will keep you updated on these exciting changes.

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