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Lone Pine Elementary School


he mission of Lone Pine Elementary is to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which students achieve personal academic excellence, demonstrate caring and responsibility, and become empowered, internationally-minded citizens and lifelong learners.

The educational focus at Lone Pine is based on developing confident, creative, flexible, technologically savvy, 21st century learners and preparing them to anticipate and collaboratively solve the challenges in an ever-changing world. The Lone Pine staff and community are pleased to share with one another this mission of preparing students for the future.

Lone Pine News:

The Student Action Team has selected Dog Aide Community Awareness Program as their next community service effort. Dog Aide assists families in need who are unable to feed or provide for their pets. Donations of food, leashes, collars, bowls, treats, and toys are being collected now through June 3rd. For more information see the attached flyer or to to


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The IB Learner Profile Trait for May: COMMUNICATOR

The PYP Attitude for May: CONFIDENCE

May's PYP Learner Profile trait is "Communicator." Students who are communicators are able to think and communicate in more than one language. They can express their ideas by speaking, drawing and writing. They can also communicate using mathematical language and symbols. Ultimately we strive for our students to work effectively and willingly in collaboration with others. Frank Tyger once said, "Hearing is one of the body's five senses, but listening is an art."

The Lone Pine & West Hills staff encourages you to reflect with your child on how they can be an effective communicator this month.

How can parents help to develop students who are Communicators at home?

  • Encourage your child to stay in touch with relatives and friends who live in other states or countries by writing letters, using the phone or sending email.
  • When working on mathematics homework, encourage your child to explain his/her answer to you orally or by drawing a picture.
  • Work with your child to improve his/her listening skills. Being a good listener is an important part of communicating with others.

Ask your child thought provoking questions and encourage them to discuss them with you. For example:

o What would you do if you were scared of someone at school?

o Is there anything you cannot buy with money?

o Should you get an allowance? Why or why not?

May's IB PYP Attitude is "Confidence." This month we encourage our students to feel confident in their ability as learners, and to have the courage to take risks, and apply what they have learned to help them make appropriate decisions and choices. We will also be looking for students to think and act independently, making their own judgments based on reasoned principles and being able to defend their own judgments.

Parents, please encourage your students to make connections to our learner profile of the month at home! Some ideas of what this could include:

  • a picture of someone that exemplifies/demonstrates being a COMMUNICATOR
  • a self-reflection
  • a picture of what they feel being a COMMUNICATOR looks like
  • an example of how they are demonstrate being a COMMUNICATOR at home or in one of their communities
  • a magazine or newspaper clip out that exemplifies COMMUNICATOR
  • anything else that ties to being a COMMUNICATOR! :)

Please send any of these connections into your child's homeroom teacher, they will be added our PYP bulletin boards! Thank you! ☺

We appreciate your efforts at home to help support the Learner Profile Traits and the PYP Attitudes each month.

As always, please feel free to contact us with questions, ideas, or news at any time.

Kathy Janelle, PYP Coordinator


"Our reflection and action as individuals—and as part of the IB continuum of international education—can make the world a better place."

Some information in our listserv is derived from various educational websites and documents published by the International Baccalaureate Organization.
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If you paid a pay to participate fee for your student in 2016 for co-curricular activities (sports &/or clubs) but think you may have a full or partial refund coming, please complete the 2016 Pay to Participate Form and return it to Angi Lewis in Athletics Recreation by May 27, 2016. If you paid and are not sure you have a refund coming, still complete the form and turn it in and the Recreation office will get back with you.

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2015-16 Supply Lists

2015-16 School Supply Lists

Lone Pine Elementary
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