Lone Pine Elementary School

Lone Pine Elementary School Students, Bloomfield Hills Michigan

Lone Pine Elementary school is located in West Bloomfield Township. The mission of Lone Pine Elementary is to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which students achieve personal academic excellence, demonstrate caring and responsibility, and become empowered, internationally-minded citizens and lifelong learners.

The educational focus at Lone Pine is based on developing confident, creative, flexible, technologically savvy, 21st century learners and preparing them to anticipate and collaboratively solve the challenges in an ever-changing world. The Lone Pine staff and community are pleased to share with one another this mission of preparing students for the future

Ingrid Day Commons Dedication Ceremony

Please join us on December 14, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., in the Main Commons of Bloomfield Hills High School (4200 Andover Road, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302) for a dedication of the Ingrid Day Commons.  This event will be held as a Special Board Meeting.

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We have had a number of students out this last week with a fast moving stomach virus (most students have been out for a single day with this bug). We've seen symptoms ranging from headaches/low grade fever to vomiting to diarrhea. If your child is not feeling well, please consider keeping them home, as we are trying to keep students from infecting others. Our custodial staff deployed a disinfecting misting device over the weekend, and this process will be repeated Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights this week (the device produces an electrostatic disinfectant mist that coats all surfaces). A good review of hand-washing and good hygiene with your child would also help!

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This week our students will review the Lone Pine Essential Agreements for playing in the snow. Please take a minute to reinforce these expectations and understandings with your children at home.

--The snow on the playground is for everyone to use and enjoy.

--The snow does not belong to anyone.

--You may not make and/or throw snowballs at recess.

--You must have snow boots, snow pants, and mittens/gloves to play in the snow.

--You may not take the snow from the area where someone else is playing.

--You may not put snow on others. 

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The Lone Pine Global Education Team is looking for family members to join us!  Please consider attending the BHS Institute for Healing Racism this week Dec 12 & 13.  Some last minute spots just opened up!

A powerful and thought provoking venue, the Institute for Healing Racism brings together diverse groups of people to explore and address issues of race and racism. Participants have the opportunity to examine how the “dis-ease” of  racism affects ALL people and develop skills to detect and help eliminate institutional racism  in our daily environments;  home, work, education,  community, organization and business.

Interactive exercises, dialogue, videos and personal reflections, over the course of two days, allow participants and facilitators to create a safe place where diverse views and experiences are shared and validated.

The Institute for Healing Racism can be a transforming experience that challenges all of us to become positive agents of change and intentional allies in the work of building inclusive and anti-racist communities.

There are also spots available for ​​April 19 and 20, 2018.  The application may be found here: /uploaded/schools/LonePine/IHR_registration_2017-2018.doc_(6)_(2).pdf

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Come join us for a special Family Connections gathering on Monday, December 18th, 9:15 at Lone Pine Elementary School, featuring guest speaker Andrea Fleischfresser. Andrea is an International Life Coach, supporting women from different nationalities to live meaningful, authentic lives abroad. She attended several gatherings during the last school year, and is a wonderful resource for our area’s international families. So come to meet some new friends, and to meet Andrea! See the attached flyer for more information. /uploaded/schools/LonePine/Family_Connections_121817_as_PDF.pdf

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Lone Pine Art Teacher Stephanie Olson Leads Creatively

"Art class is my favorite place to go, because I love drawing!" says Zuheir Sibai, a 2nd grade student in Stephanie Olson's class in Lone Pine Elementary School.  Olson, also the Content Area Leader in Bloomfield Hills Schools, is leading K-8 art programs in the transition to Teaching for Artistic Behavior.  Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) and choice based learning empowers students to make choices during the creative process.  

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Register Now at!  For nearly 60 years,  BBL has offered baseball for Bloomfield area boys and girls in grades K-12.  Teams are formed by school and grade and  placement on your school’s team is based on registration date, so register early.
Register by 2/28/18 for the following rates:
PreK/K                  $125
1-8th Grades:      $235
All games and practices are held on Bloomfield Hills school fields. We offer recreational baseball with just enough of a competitive spirit to make it fun.  The emphasis on all levels is on improving as a player, growing as a teammate and having fun. Register now or get more information on the divisions and the league at or contact our league administrator, Lauri Hoffman at Feel free to contact your BBL school rep., James Sheridan at 248-409-8484, or with any questions.

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Join us for DAERR on December 18

Please consider joining us for the DAERR (Diversity Academic Equity & Race Relations) meeting on Monday, December 18, 2017, at the Booth Center (7273 Wing Lake Road) at 6:30 p.m. in rooms A/B/C.

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Bloomfield Hills Schools Students Make A Difference

Over 150 volunteers arrived at Cass Community Social Services, Detroit, for Make a Difference Day, an annual event organized by the PTOC. "Working as a team is better than working alone, and it was fun!" Amanda Vieira, 8th grader, exclaims.  

Students packed donations, collected trash outside, and created recycled door mats.  Ainsley Smith, elementary student, volunteered to make hamburgers with high school students.  "If we were homeless it would be nice to have people helping, like we're helping today," Smith says.

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Lone Pine Elementary
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Attendance: 248.341.7310

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Kim Bilkovic, Secretary

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