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Welcome to the West Hills Middle School Media Center

Please use this page for "One Stop Shopping" access to a host of resources that will help you with your studies. Don't forget to ask Mrs. Moll if you have any additional questions or needs.

What's Happening in the Media Center

This year's West Hills Reads program will feature a visit by author Stephanie Bodeen. Students are asked to read one book from the list to attend an in-school assembly with the author; students who read five or more books are eligible to be invited through a drawing to a private reception with the author at the West Bloomfield Township Library. Books are available in the media center and at both branches of our co-sponsor, the West Bloomfield Township Library. Book lists are available in the media center and on West Hills Virtual Media Center website. Once a student completed a book, they are asked to come to the media center to fill out a short review form.

In conjunction with West Hills Reads, students are also participating in a fundraiser for the Let Girls Learn project. Students are asked to get pledges for each West Hills Reads book they read, with the proceeds being donated to the Peace Corps for their Let Girls Learn initiative. Read more about Let Girls Learn at


Katy Golden, MLIS
Media Specialist

Hours: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Do I need a pass to come to the Media Center?
Students may use the Media Center without a pass before school and during lunch. Internet passes are required at all times, including before school and during lunch, for online use of the computers. Media Center passes are required during the class hours.

How many books can I check out, and how long can I keep them?
We recommend that students check out no more than two books at a time. Students with overdue books will be required to return those books before more can be checked out. Books are checked out for three weeks and can be renewed once.

Why do I have to pay a fine on late books?
Many of the books that are checked out of the media center are popular titles. By keeping a book overdue, you are making someone else wait for it past the time when they expected to have it. To avoid fines, you can renew your books. You don't have to have the books with you to renew.

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