Updated Info - Sign Up Today to Donate Blood!

We have 40 appointment slots to fill!  Please donate and share these donor registration instructions with any family/friends/colleagues who may be able to conveniently come to West Hills on Friday 1/19 from 2-8.  The state of Michigan needs 900 pints of blood per day to meet demand--let's all be a part of this life-saving mission!!

The Omega Warriors Robotics FTC Team and American Red Cross are sponsoring a blood drive right here at WHMS (cafeteria) on 1/19/18 from 2-6pm.  Please sign up to donate--one pint of donor blood will save up to three lives!!  Eligible donors are >16 of age and 110lbs., and have been cleared by a doctor if there is a medical condition/medications that may preclude donation.  If you are a regular donor, please plan the 56 day waiting period between donations accordingly.

Signup instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. In the upper right corner blue box ('find a drive'), type in this code:  WHMSOmega
  3. Our drive date/location will pop up; click on it
  4. Choose the appointment time slot that best works with your schedule
  5. Once you choose a time, the site will prompt you to make a donor account if you don't have one
  6. That's it!!!
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