We Love Bloomfield

"Model is a treasure in Bloomfield Hills!

I have an 11th grade son who takes half of his classes at Model High School and the other half at the High School. He is so fortunate to benefit from everything the school has to offer like small class sizes and seminar style discussions. The teachers really know him, and he in turn strives to achieve to his highest potential because of the relationships he has formed with his teachers.

My son takes an active role in his learning and goes above and beyond what is expected of him and, therefore, sees and appreciates the benefits of his education. I feel that my son will be well prepared for college because at Model you are not only graded on your finished product, you are graded on your work ethic, integrity and other core competencies that are skills he will use throughout his life.

Model has been an amazing experience for my son and I am thankful that there is a high school that supports my son and helps him to be the best student and person he can be."

- Marianne Sacks, Model Parent

"As newcomers to the both the community and the school district, our decision to relocate our family from Chicago to Bloomfield Hills is justified each and every day our son comes home from school. As parents, one of our most important goals was to find the school that would best suit our child and his individual needs.

After 7 Detroit area school visits, Eastover was a no-brainer. It was the only school that captured us in each and every way. Between the staff interaction, the learning objectives, ethical teachings and programming, we were sold immediately and were excited to become part of the Eastover community.

We already know that the experience at Eastover is more than educational. To SOAR is to truly embrace all that is taught at Eastover. We could not be more pleased with our decision to attend Eastover and are excited to continue our journey with both of our children."

- Dana Mowat, Eastover Parent

"It's hard to believe that it's been almost 12 years since I graduated high school. During that time, I've come to realize that the experiences I had and people I met during my time in the Bloomfield Hills School system will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Even though I moved to New York shortly after college, and have remained here, my connection to friends and former classmates remains strong, as do the lessons learned. Some of my favorite memories from high school were from my time on the Cross Country team, and just this morning, I saw the former captain of the team running past me in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. All I could think as we were catching up and catching our breath was how proud our coach, Mr. Price, would have been to see that his lessons on health and fitness as a lifestyle—not a fad—have paid off, as did the connections we made during months of training and competition."

-Brittany Gersh, Andover Alumni

"My life was literally and figuratively saved by my public school teacher many years ago. We all love our jobs and students and are eager to start the year with passion and compassion. At the end of the summer, we count our pencils and take care of our families so that in just a few short weeks, we can take care of yours."

– Grat Dalton, BHEA President

"The middle schools have lots of different clubs and classes that help every child fit in. And the teachers are very dedicated to help you to succeed. They want the best for all of us."

- Matthew Frank, 7th Grade Student at BHMS

"Our children have been exposed to more curriculum and co-curricular options than any school they've attended. At Eastover, we value our partnerships with Lawrence Tech and Harvard University. We especially applaud our principal and school staff for choosing school initiatives that enhance critical thinking skills as well as life skills. Our Visible Thinking initiative prepares students for their entire academic journey, ensuring that they can take a concept, associate it with other principles, and apply it in other situations. With our Sustainability initiative, students in all grades, have fun and use their research and hands-on experiences, which can be applied in college and in future careers. I truly believe this Sustainability initiative, unique to Eastover Elementary School, is also preparing students to become innovators who will be prepared for emerging industries in Michigan.

To prospective parents and community members, we want you to know that Eastover Elementary School welcomes every parent and resident to volunteer and participate in our programs. Our staff works as a team, and it truly feels like an extended family. Our school is extremely concerned about the safety of our children and work very hard to provide a well-rounded experience for our students. We hope you decide to visit soon or enroll your child at Eastover!

Bloomfield Hills Schools has worked diligently to partner with community members to ensure that we provide a comprehensive education. The level of commitment to this partnership effort is unique to most parents' experiences in a public school district. Our Community Partnership Committee (CPC), PTOs, and local community organizations provide a wide variety of opportunities for student enrichment and we invite anyone interested in using their talents to serve our school community."

- Walter & Stephanie Crider, Eastover Parents

"I am the mother of a 3rd grader at Eastover Elementary and a preschooler at Bloomin' Tots Fox Hills and in addition to the exceptional education that speaks for itself, I want to share with you what it means to me to have my children in the Bloomfield Hills School District and at these buildings.

It means that the very first day I had to drop my first born child off at school I found relief from the burden of my fears and anxiety. It meant I could breathe and wipe away my tears when the arms of a stranger made my child feel like they were ready to be without me. It has meant that I don't have to worry about their safety or their care because they have exceptional safeguards and people who do it for me like my child is their own. It means that I know every minute my children are at school I am confident that those around them care to know them well enough to understand who they are and how they are doing. They pay attention to the times they need a helping hand or need their independence. They know exactly who they are by celebrating their talents and nurturing and guiding them into developing their skills. They have made my family feel like we are the most important people at school, until we learned they treat everyone that way, which is an extraordinary environment for my children to grow up in."

- Shannon Curcuru, Eastover and Bloomin' Parent

"Michelle and I are proud products of the Bloomfield Hills School District. The curriculum and extracurricular activities provided us the breadth of knowledge we needed to be able to compete in today's hyper competitive world. But the teachers personal commitment to help each of us achieve our own unique goals made us stand out, both at the University of Michigan and now in our professional careers."

- Anthony Atto and Michelle Atto, Andover Alumni

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