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UPDATE: International Travel

The CDC has made a change in their recommendation for testing and quarantine after traveling internationally. They now advise that international travelers should stay home for 7 days upon their return and test at day 3-5 post return.

We encourage families to familiarize themselves with the guidance from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services regarding holiday gatherings and travel.

BHS discourages non-essential travel out of state and ask that all families who travel use safety and mitigation efforts.

Testing before and after travel can reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Testing does not eliminate all risk, but when paired with a period of staying at home and precautions like wearing masks and social distancing, it can make travel safer by reducing spread on planes, in airports, and at travelers’ destinations.

If you participated in higher-risk activities during your international travel, take the actions listed above AND do the following after travel:

  • Get tested 3-5 days after travel AND stay home for 7 days after travel.
    • Even if you test negative, stay home for the full 7 days.
    • If your test is positive, isolate yourself to protect others from getting infected.
  • If you don’t get tested, it’s safest to stay home for 10 days after travel.
  • Avoid being around people who are at increased risk for severe illness for 14 days, whether you get tested or not.

Always follow state and local recommendations or requirements related to travel.  For more information, visit

More 2020-2021 News

Oakland County Announces New Drive-Thru COVID-19 Testing Locations

Oakland County’s drive-thru COVID-19 testing locations have relocated in order to provide shelter from winter weather and will be open by appointment only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. as follows:

  • Mondays: Old Holly Fire Station (313 S. Broad St, Holly)
  • Tuesdays: Rochester Fire Station (277 E. Second St, Rochester)
  • Wednesdays: Southfield City Hall Employee Parking Deck (26000 Evergreen Rd, Southfield)
  • Thursdays: Pontiac Fire Station (348 South Blvd, Pontiac)

COVID-19 tests are available for anyone age 4 years and over. Children age 17 years and under must have COVID-19 symptoms and be a resident of or attend school in Oakland County to be tested. There is no charge for tests and no prescription is needed; however, appointments are required. Please call Nurse on Call at 1-800-848-5533 to make an appointment.

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COVID-19 Emotional Support Services

There are many ways to connect with emotional-support services without the need to leave home. Visit for more information.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful and isolating for many people. Gatherings during the upcoming holidays can be an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. This holiday season, consider how your holiday plans can be modified to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to keep your friends, families, and communities healthy and safe.

The CDC has offered the following considerations to slow the spread of COVID-19 during small gatherings. These considerations are meant to supplement—not replace—any state, local, territorial, or tribal health and safety laws, rules, and regulations with which all gatherings must comply.

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Difference Between Isolation and Quarantine

If a student or staff member is exposed to COVID-19 but has no symptoms, they should self-quarantine for 14 days after the last day of exposure (count starts with the next day).

If a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, they must isolate for a minimum of 10 days from symptom onset or test date. Isolation involves everything that quarantine does, but in addition, it means you must stay away from other family members. 

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A Note Regarding Testing Out of Quarantine

Students and staff members cannot test out of quarantine. A negative test is a snapshot in time, and an illness can appear anytime in the 14-day quarantine period. Students/staff must still self-quarantine for the full 14-day period.

A note from Leonard Sanford, BHS Director of Health and Wellness: "A student may return if they show symptoms but subsequently get negative results from a PCR test and could return once those symptoms are resolving."

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Change in Household Members Needing to Stay Home

If there are one or more members of a household waiting for a COVID-19 test result, the entire household must stay home while waiting for the results. This includes parent/guardians and siblings.

If a student stays home or is sent home with COVID-related symptoms, all siblings of that student must go home/stay home until the results of a PCR test come back negative.

Families in both scenarios must provide proof of negative PRC test results.

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