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BHHS Language Arts Teacher Kari Griesbeck Named the 2023 Recipient of the Jean Ramseyer Award

BHHS Language Arts Teacher Kari Griesbeck Named the 2023 Recipient of the Jean Ramseyer Award

Bloomfield Hills High School’s Kari Griesbeck, who has been teaching IB English since 2011, was recently named the International Baccalaureate Schools of Michigan 2023 recipient of the Jean Ramseyer Award for Excellence in Approaches to Teaching and Learning. Nominated by BHHS IB Coordinator Amy Merchant and BHHS Social Studies teacher Kathleen Small, the award is designed to recognize outstanding leadership and commitment in support of the International Baccalaureate. Jason Rubel, North Hills Middle School Principal and President of IB Schools of Michigan, presented Griesbeck with the award at the November 20 IB State of Michigan conference. Griesbeck expresses, “I love working with peers and students who willingly immerse themselves in a program that embraces history, the present, the future, and the power of language.”

Jean Ramseyer, for whom the award is named, is a retired Bloomfield Hills Schools teacher. Recipients of this award demonstrate visionary and servant leadership aligned with the philosophy of the IB; serve as an inspiration and role model for the learning and growth of colleagues; expand access and opportunity for children to IB programming within the State of Michigan; and advance the mission of IB. Rubel, as IBSOM President, notes that this is the second year the IBSOM has given this annual award, and that they’re currently receiving nominations for the 2024 award. Rubel also shares, “Kari was a perfect match for the award. I have been fortunate to know both Jean Ramseyer and Kari Griesbeck. Like Jean, Kari has a student-first focus and understands the importance of giving students a holistic learning experience that, at its foundation, is supported and cared for by the adults in the school community.  Our students and fellow educators are a gift to us . . . Kari gets that, and she makes those she works with and for, feel valued and known.”

Merchant noted in the nomination form that Griesbeck “has been part of our IB program since its inception, and helped connect and build the program as Lahser High School and Andover High School merged into Bloomfield Hills High School. Kari collaborates with IB teachers, administration, students, and families. Her leadership helped to craft the creation of the IB Core classes for juniors and seniors. Kari sets high standards for students in a gentle way. Her guidance allows students to take risks and challenge themselves. Kari is also a leader among our staff. She is humble and does not seek the spotlight. Kari is respected for her knowledge but also for the way she works as part of a team. She gives of herself and her time with the goodness of her heart.”

Fellow BHHS faculty member Kathleen Small noted in the nomination that “Kari has been an excellent mentor to new IB/DP teachers, like myself. It has been through her constant support and empowerment that I have successfully pushed forward bringing DP Psychology HL to our school for the very first time. Her guidance and encouragement has allowed me to flourish as a teacher in the Diploma Programme. Kari is constantly adapting her pedagogy to meet the needs of the students. She is always looking for new resources and methodologies to employ. Kari has held fast her belief and advocacy of the IB program.”

Many congratulations to Kari Griesbeck on this prestigious IB award!