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Class of 2024 Celebrates Their Many Twins and Triplets!

Class of 2024 Celebrates Their Many Twins and Triplets!

An impressive 13 sets of twins and one set of triplets are preparing to graduate this June, marking the highest number of multiple siblings in the same grade level in Bloomfield Hills Schools history! BHHS Secretary, Laurie Mezey realized this record breaking event after reading an article about a high school in Pennsylvania with 11 sets of twins. “We’ve got them beat!” Mezey shared. Principal Dan Hartley added, “Black Hawks love to win! So when we discovered that we had more than 11, we had to set the record straight.” The graduating senior class has a total of 422 students; nearly 7% of the graduating seniors have a twin or triplet graduating along with them!

Ryan Rose, whose twin is Aaron, reflects, “I’ve enjoyed going to school with him the past 12 years. He’s been my built-in study partner, and we do everything together. It’s been great!” Many of the sibling pairs - like the Roses - have plans to attend the same college. Rhiannon Brown, twin of Hayden, exclaims, “Having a twin is like having a cheat sheet, but for the wrong class!” 

Congratulations to all of our graduating seniors, and a double and triple congratulations to these BHS families with multiple graduates!

*Group photo includes all but four sets of twins.