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A Peek Inside the Classroom: Mrs. Schantz’s Art Class

A Peek Inside the Classroom: Mrs. Schantz’s Art Class


It was personal project day in Mrs. Schantz’s art class at Way Elementary. Without any hesitation, the fourth grade students quickly gathered supplies to continue their projects or begin a new one. Mrs. Schantz utilizes TAB, Teaching for Artistic Behavior, which is choice based learning and empowers students to make choices regarding their own creative processes.  Studios such as drawing, painting, clay and sculpture are open and allow for each student to work independently on a project using these open studios. In this class, students aren’t expected to complete a project within one class period. “Art takes time,” explained Mrs. Schantz.  

Students who selected drawing used paper, colored pencils and oil pastel crayons to create collages, Broadway inspired images and doodles. Others chose to use the program Art for Kids Hub and work on their free hand drawing skills. The paint studio was open for those who needed to paint their clay creations freshly out of the kiln. The sculpture studio was ready with glue guns plugged in and a variety of odd and ends to craft musical instruments and cubism art. 

While the room wasn't quiet, there was chatter about sports and activities, all students stayed on task. Mrs. Schantz made rounds often commenting, “I see you working on something. I see your imagination.”

When the timer sounded, students stopped their work, cleaned up their supplies, wiped down tables, and put their unfinished work in the folder on their tables. Mrs. Schantz pulled sticks to determine who would have the option of sharing their work that day, allowing their classmates to ask questions or give comments. Students departed knowing that their creations would be waiting for them at next week's class.