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Artists Attend Mosaic Unveiling at District Office

Artists Attend Mosaic Unveiling at District Office

Acclaimed artist Hubert Massey and celebrated photographer S. Kay Young attended a recent unveiling of a mosaic mural installation at the Bloomfield Hills Schools district office. The art was created by the artists and students in the PREP program, which provides practical learning and career transition experiences for adult students with disabilities. 

PREP Teacher Russ McCall presented a certification of accomplishment from the BHS Board of Education to PREP student representative Jack Buckley as part of the unveiling ceremony. “This incredible experience brought new skills and a deep understanding of local culture to the students in PREP,” said McCall. “The wonderful artists who guided the students helped expand their artistic horizons and open their eyes to the idea that art is all around us and can be made from any medium.”

The installation is the culmination of an exceptional learning experience that took place within a residency funded by MI Arts Access and guided by Massey and Young. Also in attendance at the ceremony were Michael Gielniak, Executive Director of MI Arts Access; Lora Frankel, Outreach Coordinator, MI Arts Access; the BHS Board of Education, BHS Superintendent Pat Watson, and members of the PREP staff.  

Massey started the project with the students by taking an art-seeking field trip to Detroit’s rich art scene, then Young taught them elements of photography using their phone cameras. Students used what they discovered to create multiple individual abstract works of art which were displayed in a public art show. The final project of the residency was a large mosaic mural assembled by Massey and the students. 

PREP students besides Buckley who took part in the endeavor were Mustafa Bokhari, Gabi Brooks, Olivia Dalaly, Razeen Farooq, Noshin Hoque, Chris Jackiw, Claire Linzell, Andrew Lipton. Julia Long, Nicole Manie, Brittany Martin, Tyler Martin, Aman Mehta, Grace Mularoni, Pulin Nahta, Robyn Olney, Malik Paulateer, Monte Paulateer, Devin Peterson, Hailey Reinke, Adam Reinke, Emma Robinson, Sarah Saperstein, and Matthew Schwab. PREP staff were Lisa Brown, Nona Cleary, Tricia Carrick, Meghan Gornick, and McCall.

The public can see the art installation at the Gary M. Doyle Center, 7273 Wing Lake Rd., Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, during office hours or any open public meeting.