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BHHS Receives Generous Donation on Giving Tuesday

BHHS Receives Generous Donation on Giving Tuesday

The Tuesday following Thanksgiving is nationally recognized as “Giving Tuesday,” a day that encourages people to give back in whatever ways they can. The Eichenhorn family did just that for Bloomfield Hills High School, providing a grand total of $6,000 to the WBFH (the BIFF) radio station, the choir program, and the theater department, through a donation to the Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation.

Emily Eichenhorn, a mother of two graduates, shares, “We found something that was connected to them that we felt was important for the school as well, to say thank you. We’ve done that throughout our time here, at Lone Pine and West Hills, too. We think it makes sense to say, ‘We’ve benefited from this, and we’re not going to be here being a booster parent, and we want other kids to have the opportunity to do the same.’ I think that here in this district, which is a well-funded district, it’s still necessary to supplement. I trust that the teachers here will use anything that we give them in a way that will benefit the kids, which is what matters to us. We had 16 years worth of school here with our kids, and spent that time writing booster checks, and selling candy, and then you leave. And, yes, another generation takes over, but it’s nice to say ‘you left a mark on our kids, we’ll leave a mark on the place as well.’” 

Principal Lawrence Stroughter notes, “I want to thank the family for looking back and recognizing how valuable the experience was for your two sons. Thank you for thinking about us and thinking about the kids that are coming after and supporting them in a monetary way. You made the day of these three teachers! You give them that wind beneath their wings to push a little bit further. Sometimes the performing arts are not looked at the same as the core subjects. Our teachers show their value but for you to recognize it goes a long way to give them that push to do what they did for your two boys for the next generation of kids that’s coming through.”

The Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation accepts and appreciates donations of all sizes. Donors can choose directed giving, which specifies a particular program or school, or they can make a “greatest need” donation that will be used at the discretion of the Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation. To learn more or to make a donation, visit