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BHHS State Soccer Champs to be Honored at Football Halftime by Rep. Manoogian with Tribute from Governor

BHHS State Soccer Champs to be Honored at Football Halftime by Rep. Manoogian with Tribute from Governor

Michigan State Representative Mari Manoogian will be at the BHHS football game on September 23 to present a tribute to the 2022 Bloomfield Hills High School Girls Soccer Team. The recognition from Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer highlights the outstanding accomplishments of the team in winning the Division 1 State Championship this past June. The award ceremony will occur during halftime. The game begins at 7 p.m., and the public is invited to attend as part of Community Night.

The 2022 Bloomfield Hills High School Women’s Soccer Team is the first soccer team ever – since Bloomfield Hills High School was established in 2013 – to win a State Championship Title. It also is the first Bloomfield Hills Schools soccer team in over 20 years to earn the title. Going into the playoffs, the team was ranked 12th in their division but went on to beat multiple higher-ranked teams in their regional and semi-final matches before finally defeating the number one-ranked team at the State Finals.

Those being honored from the team are (grade listed is for Spring 2022):

  • Ava Badallo, 12
  • Drew Martin, 12
  • Emma Merchant, 12
  • Esther Rosett, 12
  • Alice Spiegel, 12
  • Charlotte Carleton, 11
  • Brooke Green, 11
  • Avary Hall, 11
  • Lola Halsband, 11
  • Jenna Ofiara, 11
  • Jakyah O’Rourke, 11
  • Ava Duquette, 10
  • Joelle Lawor, 10
  • Jenica Opdahl, 10
  • Tess Wright, 10
  • Lauren Cuson, 9
  • Lily Ehmann, 9
  • Emma Henry, 9
  • Avery Law, 9
  • Elaina Perrotta, 9
  • Sofia Spano, 9

Additional recognition goes to the coaching and athletic staff who provided support, guidance, and dedicated leadership, including:

  • Alan Zakaria, Head Coach
  • Tristan Horvath, Assistant Coach
  • Sarah Hirschmann, Goalkeeping Coach 
  • Samer Hariri, JV Coach
  • Cody Savoie, JV Coach
  • Connor Luyckx, JV Coach
  • Mike Cowdrey, District Athletic Director
  • Avis Najor, BHHS Athletic Director

The award ceremony will take place at Bloomfield Hills High School, 4200 Andover Rd, Bloomfield Hills. The football game starts at 7 p.m. with the halftime show starting around 8 p.m. The show will also feature the BHHS Marching Band along with the 8th grade bands and the BHHS Dance Team. Bloomfield Hills Schools students in grades K-8, seniors age 65+, and children ages 5 and under will be free during this Community Night event. All other adults and students are $5 unless they have pre-purchased a Family/Student pass.