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BHHS Students Attend Oakland Schools Technical Campus for Enriching Coursework

BHHS Students Attend Oakland Schools Technical Campus for Enriching Coursework

Each year, several Bloomfield Hills High School students attend classes in Royal Oak and Pontiac, through Oakland Schools Technical Campus, to explore unique electives. 11th and 12th grade students are provided bus transportation, and students are enrolled in a program for the school year. Students who begin as 11th graders have the option to return to the same program and continue to earn certifications and participate in work-based learning. OSTC is a wonderful tool that can help high school students across our region explore potential careers before declaring a program of study in college. Southeast and Northeast campuses, in Royal Oak and Pontiac, respectively, offer programs including: automotive technology; collision repair and refinishing; computer programming; construction technology; cosmetology; criminal justice; culinary arts and hospitality; cybersecurity networking; energy-electrical technology; engineering, robotics, and mechatronics; entrepreneurship and advanced marketing; graphic and communication design; health sciences; and welding. This year, multiple BHHS students are enrolled in OSTC courses that include health sciences, engineering, construction trade, and automotive technology.

Spotlight on Kaylah Walker, 2nd year OSTC student in Health Science

Kaylah Walker, a BHHS 12th grade student, is currently working at Beaumont Hospital, and plans to attend Loyola University Chicago or University of Tampa to study Nursing. She is an active part of the OSTC student leadership team and promotes student health activities. She is also a member of the National Technical Honor Society and many more groups outside of BHHS and OSTC.

Spotlight on Lorenzo Fava, 2nd year OSTC student in Cyber Security

In addition to the OSTC classes, BHHS 12th grader Lorenzo Fava is also enrolled in the Early College program, earning certificates in multiple areas of computer science. Fava is also a member of the National Technical Honor Society, and is the captain of the CyberPatriot team, a national organization that competes in multiple areas to prevent hackers and other cyber challenges.

Fava notes, “I decided to enroll in the cyber security class at OSTC because I was fascinated by the concept of safeguarding and penetrating the internet. Enrolling in this OSTC class has truly enhanced my high school journey, providing me with practical experience in building, securing, and penetrating networks. Furthermore, it has afforded me the opportunity to connect with individuals I might not have encountered otherwise, especially my teammates on our CyberPatriot team. Enrolling at OSTC has also given me the chance to be part of the Early College program, allowing me to graduate high school with a free associate's degree and jumpstart my college journey.”

As a captain of the OSTC CyberPatriot team, Fava and the other team members leveraged their knowledge and communication skills to secure 3rd place nationally and clinch the top spot in the state for the Gold division. Fava explains, “Each student on our team specialized in a distinct area of IT or Cyber Security, allowing us to maximize our chances of victory.”