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Bloomfield Virtual Student Wins Contest, Will Be Interviewed on PBS TV

Bloomfield Virtual Student Wins Contest, Will Be Interviewed on PBS TV

Rishwant “Rishi” Srinivasan (2nd grade), an Eastover Elementary student at Bloomfield Virtual, has been selected as one of just four contest winners from Dearborn Federal Credit Union and will be featured on a live PBS interview on April 19. Srinivasan created a detailed essay with illustrations on the theme “What I Love the Most” which featured a passion for airplanes. As a bonus, Srinivasan also receives $100.

The essay and interview will be part of Wimee’s Words, a children's YouTube and PBS program at that is dedicated to cultivating the artistic expression of individuals through creative technology and educational resources. 

“I knew I wanted to talk about airplanes right away,” said Srinivasan, who heard about the contest from an aunt. “I wanted people to know about most airplanes, how they fly, and why we can’t use a phone on an airplane.”

Bloomfield Hills Schools students like Srinivasan are part of a comprehensive educational program that develops their thinking and communication skills and teaches them the joy of learning. Srinivasan added that the resources in Bloomfield Virtual were helpful. “I read a lot of books in Epic and RazKids, and my language teacher helped me with some writing skills.” 

The entries were judged on interpretation of the theme, authenticity and originality, and overall writing ability. Srinivasan, who competed against other students from ages 5-13 for the prize, thinks the entry was chosen due to the level of detail including drawn images and his comprehensive explanations. Srinivasan said, “we can’t use a phone on an airplane because a phone uses radio signals. When we are on our phone the radio tower is not close enough so what happens it will stop the communication with the pilot so the pilot cannot drive the airplane. That is why we have to put the phone in airplane mode or power off.”

Srinivasan was very excited to have won and wants to enter more competitions in the future. Congratulations to Srinivasan from everyone at Bloomfield Hills Schools!