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Bond 2020: Construction Update for September 2022

Bond 2020: Construction Update for September 2022

Summer 2022 was a major construction period at North Hills Middle School, Bloomfield Hills Middle School (will be known as South Hills Middle School in Fall 2023), Conant Elementary School, and Way Elementary School, with $30 million in construction being accomplished. Significant work has already been completed, and students and staff alike are enjoying some of the new spaces. While some construction zones may be visible throughout the year, this is an indication of improvements to our physical spaces that are on the horizon. Construction noises will be kept to a minimum during school day hours, and by Fall 2023, most of the spaces will be complete Interior renovation plans for all four elementary schools are in progress, with that work taking place in Summer 2023, and with costs totalling $50 million. Thank you to the students, staff, parents, and community members for patience during the construction process. Special thanks to our administrative team for their leadership throughout this time of change, and for making the beginning of this school year a smooth success. Read on for more updates on school-specific construction projects and overall bond planning. Bloomfield Hills Schools is thrilled to share this exciting construction update, and thanks the community for passing the 2020 Bond, enabling this important work to happen!

Elementary School Gymnasiums
After extensive discussion between administration, athletics, and our bond partners, Bloomfield Hills Schools will align all four elementary schools to have sports court flooring in their gymnasiums. This court flooring will better meet the needs of our student population for the wide variety of athletic activities and events performed at the elementary grade levels, and is cost effective compared to turfed flooring. This also supports our recreational goals as we explore more avenues for community engagement in our elementary spaces.

Construction Updates and Driving Procedures at Conant Elementary School
Visitors to Conant will be buzzed in at the office entrance to access the building. Once inside the building, you will see the same consistent pathways and classroom spaces as last school year. There is no significant construction happening inside the building throughout the school year. Over Summer 2022, two new spaces were constructed in the Media Center, including a space for a resource room. The construction at the front of the school will be a new state-of-the art five classroom kindergarten wing, along with the main office, and additional learning spaces, all of which will be completed by Fall 2023.

The pick up and drop off loops have been adjusted for this school year to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and families. Please watch this video to learn about driving protocols for this year. Of particular importance, during drop-off and pick-up times, Lane 1 (far-right lane closest to Telegraph Road) is for cars only to enter; Lane 2 is for buses only to enter; and Lane 3 is for cars to exit with only right-hand turns onto Quarton Road. Drivers should remain in their vehicles at all times during drop-off and pick-up times to keep car lanes moving. Bus transportation is highly encouraged to help minimize congestion. Neighborhood walkers enter through the back doors by the baseball diamond only. No walkers may enter through the front doors. 

Construction Updates at Way Elementary School
At Way Elementary, drop off and pick up procedures remain the same as last year, with no change to traffic flow patterns. There has been a reduction in parking spots, so families are encouraged to use bus transportation to reduce parking lot congestion. The construction of the new cafeteria and gymnasium combination space is underway. Work has also begun on the five classroom wing additions, which will become the new kindergarten space. Inside the building, interior renovations have been made in the media center in order to accommodate two additional classrooms currently being used by the Specials classes.

Some playground equipment that was removed in the spring has been reinstalled to be enjoyed by Way students throughout this year. 

Construction Updates and Driving Procedures at BHMS - South Hills Middle School
The bus loop and carpool pick up and drop off process has changed from past years. The parking lot near the tennis courts is now for bus drop-off and pick-up, as well as a staff parking lot. Student carpool drop-off and pick-up will be limited to the carpool loop only. 

A new feature of the summer construction is an entirely new wing, which is an incredible space for teaching and learning. About half of the original school was renovated. These renovations include: the front office located in the former Gateway Learning Space; counselor offices in grade level hallways; the addition of a special education suite with a private courtyard; three common collaborative areas for grade level use; updated ventilation/HVAC systems in classrooms; three new banks of bathrooms for each grade level; technology, safety, and security upgrades; updated flooring in the center and back of the building; LED lighting; science labs; 12 pilot furniture classrooms; and flexible dividing walls in several classrooms.

Students, families, and staff will be excited to see the construction that began over Summer 2022, to the east of the main BHMS campus, become a state-of-the-art cafeteria/auditorium. This will feature lunch buddy rooms, tiered seating, high top seating, and a beautiful new stage. Adjacent to the stage will be a new music wing for band and orchestra rooms. A hallway is being constructed, running parallel to the front of the building, to create a front entrance to this new performing arts area. The area that currently functions as a cafeteria will be converted into a clinic, a conference space, a new drama classroom (utilizing the stage that already exists), and storage areas. These changes will all be completed by Fall 2023.

Construction Updates at North Hills Middle School (former Lahser campus)
At North Hills Middle School, with no students on campus, construction is well underway to develop the new state-of-the-art middle school which will open in Fall 2023. North Hills will feature a swimming pool, and the pool deck for this is being poured in September 2022. The majority of the roofing is complete, and the majority of the concrete floors are poured. Window installations have begun. 

Former Lahser High School’s physical spaces are being renovated, including the gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria, band and orchestra rooms, existing hallway spaces, and offices. The new addition being constructed will include learning communities for 6th - 8th grade levels, with eight classes in each grade level wing. Special education classrooms will be adjacent to the grade level hallways. The learning community area is being built to structurally support a second floor, should one be needed based on increasing student enrollment. Exterior improvements also include parking lot upgrades. The pool area will feature a separate entrance for community members.

Boundary Study and New Catchment Border Map 
Over the course of the 2021-22 school year, BHS administrators, teachers, parents, and community members reviewed and approved attendance boundary changes that will be implemented in Fall 2023. The goal of new catchment boundaries is to establish four equitably sized kindergarten through grade 5 elementary schools and two equitably sized grade 6 through 8 middle schools. The intention is to balance enrollment to approximately 550 students at each elementary school, and approximately 600 to 650 students in each middle school. To view both the current map as well as the map that will go into effect in the 2023-24 school year, click here. To view specific maps of changing neighborhoods, click here