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Bowers Students Investigate Journalism Through New Independent Study Class

Bowers Students Investigate Journalism Through New Independent Study Class

Students at Bowers Academy are learning journalism skills including news writing, editing, photography, and design as part of a new independent study class. “At Bowers, we pick classes that fit most of the students, but we also can give students the opportunity to explore other academic passions,” explained Dr. Aileen Myer, English Teacher and Administrator of Bowers Academy. 

Molly Ryan (12th grade) approached Dr. Myer about the idea of doing a yearbook for Bowers Academy which morphed into a full journalism class. Ian Jatho (12th grade) also participates in the class which operates very collaboratively.  

“I have taken English classes that are either discussion-based or writing-based,” said Ryan. “The writing ones have a lot of structure. Right now, I’m taking creative writing, but in journalism, which I’m doing collaboratively with Ian, we bounce ideas off each other a lot.” Dr. Myers agreed that both Ryan and Jatho work well together, “It’s cool how they play off each other’s strengths.”  

The class started by creating a Bowers Academy update for the monthly Bowers Farm Newsletter on various celebrations, field trips, and activities. “For the newsletter, we are writing in third person,” said Ryan. “For example, we have pictures from when we went to the library, we typed up some information about it, and then added what we are doing next month which is helping with student field trips. Eventually, we will do interviews with Bowers students as well.”  The long-term project for the class will be the production of the yearbook.

Bowers students have small class sizes, experiential learning, and studies that are geared to the unique needs of its learners. “I like learning independently,” emphasized Ryan. "This class is very interesting because I get to work with Ian; we are similar people, but also very different."

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