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BYA Announces Youth Award Winners for Spring 2022

BYA Announces Youth Award Winners for Spring 2022

Each year, Bloomfield Youth Assistance honors students from the community who have proven to be outstanding citizens. The winners were honored at the annual Outstanding Youth Citizen Awards Ceremony this spring. Candidates were nominated in the following categories: performance of an act of heroism, providing exceptional service to an individual, achievement by an individual based upon overcoming a personal challenge and setting an example in assisting others, initiation of a new program or project to help others.

The student winners from Bloomfield Hills Schools were as follows:

Courtney Atkinson (12th grade, BHHS), Alexandria Balde (11th grade, BHHS), Nada Basha (9th grade, BHHS), Brooke Bugajewski (11th grade, BHHS), Thomas Gormley (11th grade, BHHS), Lex Gratton (8th grade, WHMS), Robin Igwe (12th grade, BHHS), Aayan Jawad (8th grade, BHMS), Brooke Klein (11th grade, BHHS), Lucy Knas (12th grade, BHHS), Nikhil Kothari (11th grade, IA-Okma), Akita Kotian (12th grade, BHHS), Cami Krugel (12th grade, BHHS), Jack Meyer (12th grade, BHHS), Naomi Parr (12th grade, BHHS), Gabriel Ochoa (8th grade, EHMS), Jessica Piascik (12th grade, BHHS), Olivia Randel (8th grade, WHMS) Alexander Siu (11th grade, BHHS), Andrew Speaks (12th grade, BHHS), Abby Sung (12th grade, BHHS), Manasvi Tewari (11th grade, BHHS), Lindsey Zousmer (12th grade, BHHS), and Andrew Zupancic (12th grade, BHHS). 

BYA is a community-based program created to strengthen Bloomfield Hills youth and families and reduce the incidence of delinquency, neglect, and abuse through community involvement. Students and families can see their school Principal or Counselor for more information or a referral. The video of the full BYA Awards Program is now available.