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Celebrating Successes for Bloomfield Hills Schools

Celebrating Successes for Bloomfield Hills Schools

BHS would like to recognize and appreciate the valuable contributions our students, staff, and volunteers have provided to make our district great.

Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond to provide service to the BHS community?

Is there a team or group of students that has achieved a regional championship or higher?

Is there a student who has been awarded an academic achievement at the state or national level?

Nominations are open now and ongoing for district recognition to shine a light on the talent, commitment, and compassion demonstrated in our community. Eligible honorees will be invited to an upcoming Board of Education meeting to receive an award and congratulations from the superintendent and trustees.

Nomination Form

Outstanding Student Achievement Award

  • For competitions: Regional and above will be recognized.
  • For above and beyond service to the community.
  • Any time a team/ group/ club places first or second in their category/ competition.
  • For exceptional academic achievements (typically that make it outside of the school in some way).
  • For extraordinary accomplishments in co-curricular activities.

Employee Excellence Award

  • Above and beyond service to the community and/or classroom.
  • Representing Bloomfield Hills Schools at a National level.
  • Awards and special recognition beyond a local level.

Bloomfield Hills Schools Service Award

  • Recognize individuals who contribute their time and talents to make a positive difference for the students or programs of Bloomfield Hills Schools.

Please contact with any questions you have.