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Conant and Eastover Celebrate TWO’S DAY!

Conant and Eastover Celebrate TWO’S DAY!

Last week, Conant and Eastover Elementary Schools celebrated the magic of repeating 2’s for palindrome day. A palindrome is a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backwards and forwards. 

The Eastover Eagles dressed up in tutus and ties to celebrate “two’s day.” Students then read books about twos and doubles, played games, worked on puzzles, and had multiple scavenger hunts. In music, students sang and danced with a partner. 

Conant Elementary staff and students spent the day dressed up in tutus, tube socks, tie-dye, ties, and toupees. “What an amazing way to spend the day, celebrating this once in a lifetime event!” exclaimed Principal Robert Phelps.

Incorporating meaningful and fun ways to learn on days as special as 2/22/2022 makes it all the more exciting and rewarding for the students across Bloomfield Hills Schools!