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Documentary Gives Families Tools to Manage Social Media

Documentary Gives Families Tools to Manage Social Media

Thanks to a collaboration between Bloomfield Hills High School administration and BHHS Parent-Teacher Organization, the IndieFlix documentary Like was shown at a screening for families in November. The 49-minute film explores the impact of social media on people’s lives and the effects of technology on the brain. Inspiring people of all ages to take more control of their technology and how it is used, the film provides some excellent tips on how to manage phone usage and social media. 

Some of the Key Tips include:

  • Charge your device outside the bedroom. Use a separate alarm clock, so that you do not wake up to a device that then brings you into social media before even getting out of bed.
  • Use technology to protect yourself from technology. Time tracking apps like Moment, Quality Time, and (OFFTIME) help measure how much time you spend on your screen. Many more apps and settings (like “Do not disturb while driving” mode) can help protect you from dangerous distractions of screentime.
  • Set times to go on social media. Create a schedule where you have breaks in your day to check social media. 
  • Study/work with the phone placed away from your workspace. This will help ensure you do not get distracted by the phone during dedicated work time. 
  • Role model! Parents, and even kids, can role model for others how to interact with devices. Putting devices away when having conversations with others, and focusing more intentionally on those around you, can have a positive trickle effect. 

The film - through interviews with teens and adults - explores both the dangers and benefits of technology. High levels of social media usage correlate with higher anxiety, so limiting social media is key to personal well-being. 

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