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Fourth Annual BHS Multicultural Celebration A Success!

Fourth Annual BHS Multicultural Celebration A Success!

Bloomfield Hills Schools celebrates the diversity of families within the school community with an annual Multicultural Celebration. Now in its fourth year of being a district-wide event, the Parent Teacher Organization Council, composed of volunteer family members from across Bloomfield Hills Schools, hosted this educational celebration of culture in the Bloomfield Hills High School Main Commons. Around 600 BHS students, family members, administrators, staff, and community members attended! Each year, the event grows and highlights a different aspect of culture, and each year it celebrates the many and diverse cultures represented by BHS families and community groups. 


This year, the theme of Art Around the Globe showcased how art is an important and beautiful part of communities worldwide. BHS Art Teachers led their students in the creation of artistic banners featuring non-objective art from around the world. The event also featured nearly 30 exhibits from cultures near and far shared by students, their families, and school clubs; 9 music and dance performances by student groups from our elementary to our high school levels; and global cuisine in the form of both free food and food trucks. 

Visitors to the event received Travel Logs in which they captured their learning and entered to win over 20 raffle prizes. In addition, the planning committee created and sold a Multicultural Cookbook, featuring recipes submitted by BHS families.

Students from our schools thoroughly enjoyed the event’s educational and celebratory components. Chloe Fogle (BHMS Grade 5) shares, “I learned a lot about the different cultures and got to see many friends too! The jazz band played and the food trucks were a fun surprise. I’m so glad we attended!” Tori Guettler (BHMS Grade 6) reflects, “I really had fun at the Multicultural event, getting to have a better perspective on the diversity and many different cultures that are here in Bloomfield Hills. I also enjoyed getting to hold the goats, and the popsicles from Antarctica were fun!” Marilla Musson (Eastover Grade 3) notes, “My favorite part was singing - we could sing about our Michigan culture. I learned that some cultures have different food and other things than we do. I learned that the art around the world is colorful and has meaning.” Lorelei Musson (Eastover Grade 3) explains, “My favorite was the food and activities. I really liked the taco truck. Ukraine had different things than Michigan. And I really liked the banners hanging on the wall.”

Superintendent Pat Watson, who has supported and attended past Multicultural Celebration events in BHS, shares, “The Multicultural Celebration event this year was a rousing success. I really enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with our students and learn directly from them.”

A giant thank you to our many exhibit presenters, performers, and volunteers who made this event possible!