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Information about ChatGPT

Information about ChatGPT

The news is full of information about a new technology called ChatGPT and its potential impact on education. As you may already know, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence technology that specializes in generating original responses to questions in real-time through dialogue. While the responses generated by ChatGPT are often well-written and structured, they are not always perfect and can be susceptible to certain biases. 

At Bloomfield Hills Schools, we believe that if technology is going to be a part of our students' lives, it is our responsibility to teach them how to use it appropriately and responsibly. Artificial intelligence (or augmented intelligence) is only in its infancy and will likely play a major role in the lives of our students in the years to come. We expect that ChatGPT, along with other emerging technologies, will continue to challenge us to evolve and improve the way we educate our students. It is our responsibility as educators to embrace these challenges and use them as opportunities to better prepare our students for their futures.

Education and measurable intelligence has evolved from rote learning to application of knowledge and skills and how we process information on a personal level. ChatGPT is another advanced tool in this spectrum, much like game-changing tools such as spell-check, graphing calculators, and Wikipedia. Each of these tools has allowed students to focus more on the process of learning, the application of new knowledge and advanced skills, and provided space for higher level analysis and evaluation.

To assist our community in familiarizing ourselves with ChatGPT, we have put together some resources: 

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