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March 2022 Bond Update

March 2022 Bond Update

Bloomfield Hills Schools is excited to be on time and under budget with the work related to the bond passed in August 2020 (Bond 2020) by the community. Here are some of the newest updates!

Pilot Furniture

  • A team of approximately 25 teachers, administrators, and staff from all grade levels are working together in a collaborative pilot furniture process to order samples for all elementary and middle schools. 
  • This pilot furniture will be in place in Fall 2022 in schools across our district. Based upon teacher and student feedback about the pilot pieces, the permanent furniture will be ordered for all schools to kick off the 2023-24 school year.


  • The new district map with Fall 2023 catchment borders is being finalized and will be available to the community on the BHS website in April 2022. Illustrations of neighborhoods impacted by the catchment changes can be found on our catchment webpage.
  • All families who are directly impacted by the catchment changes will be notified about the option to participate in the Legacy Transfer or the Request to Transfer Early programs. Families choosing either option will need to make plans to provide their own transportation.
    • Legacy Transfer: Families do not need to take action until the 2022-23 school year. More information will be available next school year.
    • Requests to Transfer Early: A window will be open in May 2022, where impacted families can Request to Transfer Early. Impacted families will be notified directly by the district. Due to the phasing of construction and current student populations, space may be limited in some schools. 
  • Community catchment meetings will take place at each elementary school in April and May 2022. Principals have distributed information about these meetings to their families, and you may RSVP on our catchment webpage.

School Names and Mascots

  • Bloomfield Hills Schools surveyed the community and gathered feedback on middle and elementary school names and mascots. 
  • The two 6th - 8th grade middle schools will be called North Hills Middle School (site of former Lahser High School) and South Hills Middle School (site of current Bloomfield Hills Middle School). Both North Hills and South Hills will have the Black Hawk mascot, matching our high school’s purple, black, and silver Black Hawk mascot. Go Black Hawks!
  • The four elementary schools will all maintain their same school names, including Eastover (which is moving to the current East Hills Middle School location) and Lone Pine (which is moving to the current West Hills Middle School location).

Elementary school playgrounds and traffic flow

  • BHS is conducting a traffic study at Way to ensure we have expert recommendations on traffic flow and parking lots. BHS is also beginning discussions related to having a traffic study at Conant.
  • BHS is conducting a playground study at all elementary schools and is currently evaluating all equipment to determine what can stay/be moved and what must be retired. 
  • Based on this study, the district will begin working with elementary administrators to plan playgrounds for the 2023-24 school year.
  • Playgrounds will focus on inclusive design concepts. 

Equitable and Exciting Middle School Structures and Designs

  • While the North Hills Middle School campus is being constructed at the former Lahser site, the South Hills Middle School campus is receiving renovations and additions at the current Bloomfield Hills Middle School site. 
  • Both of these campuses will, in fall 2023, have the following: comparable - and nearly identical - media centers, technology labs, cafetoriums (combined cafeteria/auditorium), and classroom sizes. 
  • South Hills will receive a new turfed football field, while North Hills has an existing turfed football field. 
  • South Hills is also receiving brand new spaces for their music and art departments.

Conant, Way, and BHMS Construction Updates

  • The Board of Education recently approved bids for the additions of new classrooms, cafeteria, and gymnasium spaces at both Conant and Way elementary schools. 
  • Way Elementary is receiving renovations and construction over the summer to make a new sallyport and front entrance. 
  • At BHMS, the renovations to the back of the building in the current 5th/6th grade wing will be completed ahead of schedule. 

Elementary Schools Interior Updates 

  • Over the summer and fall of 2022, the contracted architects from French Associates will meet with elementary school principals regarding the details of the proposed interior renovations. 

BHS is so excited for the community to see and be a part of these amazing upgrades to our schools. For ongoing details about the construction progress, see our Bond 2020 webpage.