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Multicultural Celebration 2021

Multicultural Celebration 2021

On Thursday, May 27, Bloomfield Hills Schools held its third annual district-wide Multicultural Celebration, hosted at the Bloomfield Hills High School Legacy Courtyard. This outdoor event was a beautiful celebration of the diversity of students and their families across our schools. Coordinated by the Parent-Teacher Organization Council (PTOC) Multicultural Celebration Planning Committee, a consortium of parent volunteers from across all of our schools, this year’s event theme was Legends and Stories. All of the student-led exhibits featured, in addition to other elements of culture, a story or legend on their board. This theme, much like past years’ event themes of “Inventions” and “Inspiring Figures,” tied together all of the exhibits with a shared goal of educating our student community about the diversity of stories from cultures around the globe. Students visiting the event received Travel Logs on which they took notes on what they learned. By visiting all seven continents plus a Bonus table, they could receive an extra raffle ticket for a chance to win 30 amazing raffle prizes!

Among the event highlights were the five spectacular student performances! The Bloomfield Hills High School Chamber Orchestra performed a Gershwin piece; the Chapman family performed a Haitian dance; the French Learning Community of BHMS, WHMS and 9th graders of BHHS performed an interactive story and dance, accompanied by professional musicians; the BHHS Chinese National Honor Society and Asian Student Alliance musicians and dancers performed the Korean Pop Band BTS’s globally famous song Dynamite; and the BHHS Jazz Band and Jazz Combo completed the evening’s performances, with multiple toe-tapping pieces. 

As students and their families explored the 25 exhibits, they could enjoy this music and dance, and try out a variety of global cuisines, all for free. Also present was Tom Lowry’s Book Fair, featuring literature from diverse voices. Every BHS Media Center Specialist provided a Wish List, enabling families to easily purchase books for both themselves and their school libraries. 

Among the special guests at the event were the Bowers Farm baby goats and chicks, as part of the Culture of Bowers Academy exhibit; an exhibit created by Wing Lake School families featuring their personal stories; and a Bloomfield Hills Schools alumni author Noor Abdelrahman, sharing the book Everyone is Smart. These exhibits, along with all of the amazing exhibits presented by students and their families, highlighted cultures close to home here in Bloomfield Hills Schools, as well as those around the globe. Thank you to all of the student exhibit volunteers, performers, adult mentors, general student volunteers, and the event planning committee, for sharing a great diversity of culture for us all to learn from and celebrate within our school community!