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Our Natural World Collaborative Painting Project Showcases Student Artwork

Our Natural World Collaborative Painting Project Showcases Student Artwork

On December 3, students, families, and guests joined together to celebrate the opening of the “Our Natural World” art exhibit, featuring K-12 student artists from Bloomfield Hills Schools and Birmingham Public Schools. The students completed a massive collaborative painting project featuring 40 paintings based on the theme of nature. The paintings will be exhibited through May 31, 2023 in the Youth Room of the Baldwin Public Library, located at 300 West Merrill Street, Birmingham, MI, 48009. The art is hung around the top perimeter of the Youth Room and is visible from the exterior of the library along Bates Street, and the corners of Martin and Bates, and Merrill and Bates streets.

Superintendent Watson shared the stage at Shain Park with Birmingham’s Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning and Inclusion, April Imperio. Watson reflected, “I cannot believe the talent of our artists from all age ranges, elementary students, middle school students, and high school students - your talent is unmatched. I am also beyond thankful to have such a strong collaboration with Birmingham Schools, that our teachers and our students can partner on this beautiful project to bring joy, to inspire, to learn and grow together, to educate. Creating art and experiencing art is such an important piece of the learning puzzle. Art makes connections, art helps to explain complex ideas, art brings people together on days like today.” 

The creation of the collaborative art project was an invigorating creative and educational experience for students. Breilyn Porter (grade 11) shares, "We had to keep redoing parts of the painting and it was frustrating. Later when we started to listen to each other, we were able to better work as a team. The hard work and cooperation paid off." Falak Al Homsi (grade 9) notes, “The painting assignment was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed it since I got to work with other people and got to know them better. However, I found that painting wasn't actually that simple because you have to pay attention to every detail in order to get good results at the end.” 

Click here to see elementary, middle, and high school student artwork that now graces the walls of the Baldwin Public Library. Congratulations to the students across Bloomfield Hills Schools whose artwork is displayed, and to the art teachers who inspire and uplift our students every day.