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PREP Students Celebrate Accomplishments

PREP Students Celebrate Accomplishments

The PREP staff held an outdoor celebration for all the program’s students to honor their accomplishments this year. The partygoers also provided a heartfelt send-off for Stephen Eckert who marked a successful completion of the program with special gifts from the staff and students. The Eckert family also was in attendance. 

Following speeches, bundt cake, and ice cream, the staff and students played a guessing game for various creative paper plate awards for each staff member and student including Mr. Pizza, Mr. Bodyguard, and Miss Always On Time. Superintendent Pat Watson offered individual congratulations to the students as well.

Tables were decorated with wooden signs made by the PREP students as part of their workshop program and various easels held photos commemorating the activities of the students over the past year. 

P.R.E.P. is a post-secondary educational program operated by Bloomfield Hills Schools for BHS students. The program serves young adults ages 18 - 26 who have developmental and physical disabilities. The P.R.E.P. program is dedicated to helping each student become a Prepared, Responsible, Employable, and Productive member of the community through instruction in daily living, domestic, social, and functional academic skills along with employment training in community-based work settings.