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Scholastic Art and Writing Regional Award Winners

Scholastic Art and Writing Regional Award Winners

Each year, students across the country submit writing and art pieces to the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards program, the nation’s longest-running, largest, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens. For the past 100 years, the awards have recognized and encouraged artists and writers such as Sylvia Plath, Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Robert Redford, Tom Otterness, and Zac Posen, among countless others. 

This year, many student writers and artists from Bloomfield Hills Schools received regional recognition for their creative works. There are thousands of entries submitted at the regional level, a portion of which receive one of three regional awards: gold key, silver key, and honorable mention. All regional gold key winning pieces are sent to New York to compete for national awards. National winners will be announced later this spring.

Congratulations to these creative artists, writers, and their teachers on their regional awards. 


Visual Arts Winners

Gold Key Individual Category in Art:

BHHS: Andriana Nicoghosian (grade 12): Fissures

BHHS: Ashley Shulken (grade 9): Hidden Beneath

BHHS: Ashley Shulken (grade 9): Silenced by Royalty

BHHS: Brielyn Porter (grade 12): Remains

BHHS: Dylan Psenka (grade 11): Error Love Not Found

BHHS: Elena Selik (grade 12): Falcon Adventurer

BHHS: Elena Selik (grade 12): Azerek’s Alchemy Cave

BHHS: Jared She (grade 9): Daskalos Museum of Art

BHHS: Mariam Fathi (grade 12): Her Legacy

BHHS: Miles Bartusek (grade 11): Horsehair Jar

BHHS: Reyna Nandalur (grade 11): A Window of Dreams

BHHS: Sage Booth (grade 11): Sun On My Face: Portrait of the Midwest

BHHS: Sarah Gaines (grade 11): 15-16

BHHS: Sarah Jasper (grade 10); Eye on the Ball

BHHS: Sophie Ding (grade 12): Burn


Silver Key Individual Category in Art:

BHHS: Amber Smith (grade 9): Hiding in the Spotlight

BHHS: Andriana Nicoghosian (grade 12): Decomposition

BHHS: Ashley Shulken (grade 9): Touched By Light

BHHS: Christine Balde (grade 12): Shifting Glimmer

BHHS: Brooke Panozzo (grade 11): Interweaving Two Worlds

BHHS: Elena Selik (grade 12): Commoditized Chicken

BHHS: Elena Selik (grade 12): Young Virk

BHHS: Ethan Jenney (grade 12): The Tower

BHHS: Sarah Jasper (grade 10): Yawning in Color

BHHS: Sierra Anthony (grade 11): What A Woman Is

BHHS: Sophie Ding (grade 12): Breathe

BHHS: Taryn Saroken (grade 12): Golden Flames: Nesting Series

IA: Ethan Xia (grade 11): Brasilia

IA: Ethan Xia (grade 11): Experience

IA: Ethan Xia (grade 11): Left Behind

IA: Meghan Chaiyasate (grade 12): Phra Mae Thorani

IA: Meghan Chaiyasate (grade 12): Agony

NHMS: Ryan Smith (grade 8): Enraged Emerald

NHMS: Gerry Socha (grade 8): Frivolous Face Mug


Honorable Mention Individual Category in Art:

BHHS: AJ Baker (grade 10): Hand To Heart Immortalized In Art

BHHS: Andriana Nicoghosian (grade 12): Vascular Mechanisms

BHHS: Ariel Khaykin (grade 12): Rusalka

BHHS: Ashley Shulkin (grade 9): Deep Into Darkness

BHHS: Athena Atchoo (grade 11): Hung Up

BHHS: Brody Oleshansky (grade 11): Off At Sea

BHHS: Brody Oleshansky (grade 11): Time To Study

BHHS: Dylan Psenka (grade 11): Fear of Needles

BHHS: Mikayla Kuchersky (Grade 10): Orange Flower

BHHS: Rae Buekers (grade 12): A View Through The Bushes

BHHS: Sage Booth (grade 11): Disco Mango

BHHS: Sophie Ding (grade 12): Mother Nature

BHHS: Tanvi Yarlagadda (grade 11): Bald Brother

BHHS: Tanvi Yarlagadda (grade 11): Coil Maze

BHHS: Zainab Khatri (grade 12): Feminist Corset

BHHS: Zainab Khatri (grade 12): Homage to my Culture

IA: Ethan Xia (grade 11): War

IA: Josette Nelson (grade 9): London Calling

IA: Josette Nelson (grade 9): Maude and Juno

IA: Natalie Chen (grade 11): Looking into Heaven

NHMS: Sophie Razzaque (grade 8): The Perfect Woman


Honorable Mention Art Portfolio:

BHHS: Mariam Fathi (Grade 12): Beloved Roots


Writing Winners


Gold Key Individual Category in Writing:

BHHS: Cecelia Bolster (grade 11): Battered (Science Fiction & Fantasy)

BHHS: Sofie Delidow (grade 10): on the subject of names; mine: (Poetry) 

BHHS: Sofie Delidow (grade 10): You want me to write about the trans experience (Poetry)

BHHS: Kaden Kouyoumjian (grade 11): The Isolation of Michael Zankowitch (Science Fiction & Fantasy)

BHHS: Mayas Smith (grade 10): Ode to Soup (Poetry)

BHHS: Katie Tadesse (grade 10): peace by piece (Personal Essay & Memoir)


Silver Key Individual Category in Writing:

BHHS: Francis Ernzen (grade 12): gatsbyesque (Poetry)

BHHS: Francis Ernzen (grade 12): Laws of Attraction (Short Story)


Honorable Mention Portfolio Awards in Writing:

BHHS: AJ Baker (grade 10): Were Our Hands Made To Sin? (Poetry)

BHHS: Francis Ernzen (grade 12): relapse (Poetry)

BHHS: Oona Sutton (grade 9): Finer Points (Poetry)

BHHS: Katie Tadesse (grade 10): again and again (Flash Fiction)

BHHS: Keira Thav (grade 11): Always Was, Always Will Be (Short Story)