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Science Studies Inspire Student's Extra Experiments

Science Studies Inspire Student's Extra Experiments

Nitin Satish (Kindergarten) loves science! Within the Bloomfield Hills Schools science curriculum, Satish has been exposed to multiple concepts which led to additional research and experiments, including one related to electricity. “I learned that a vegetable can actually conduct electricity,” explained Satish.

Satish used the internet to get more ideas. “I was searching about some topics about electricity and I found this potato experiment. It was really cool! My dad got me the LED bulbs and the alligator clips online and the nails at the hardware shop.” Satish also put together a video of the process and results. You can see a video of the potato battery experiment here

Students like Satish are exposed from kindergarten on to the BHS Portrait of a Learner, which strives to create opportunities for students at every grade level to inquire about the world, understand multiple perspectives, participate in respectful dialogue, grapple with complexities, and take responsible actions.

“The Portrait of a Learner is one of the pillars that unite us together in our effort to serve every learner, every day,” said Kimberly Hempton, BHS Director of Elementary Education. “It’s a framework and mindset that can be applied to every single classroom and learning experience,” whether it’s a student taking a veterinary science class at the district’s working farm or a kindergartner in Spanish class. “The dispositions within our Portrait of a Learner apply in all settings because they are reflective of the tools our students will need and continue to develop for the rest of their lives,” Hempton added.

Although math is Satish’s favorite subject, there likely will be more experiments in the future predicted parent Nandini Satish. “He’s a very curious boy and likes to learn more through conducting experiments.” 

“I think that they are exciting because you can learn new things that go on and on,” exclaimed Satish who already has the next process in mind. “There is this coca-cola and mentos experiment which explodes and goes all the way up like a waterfall!”