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Snow Day Decisions

Snow Day Decisions

To minimize disruption to the educational process, the goal is always to keep school in session unless road conditions, severe cold or other weather conditions pose a significant risk to student safety.

There is no defined depth of snow accumulation that indicates closure (because of the overall effect of wind, ice, temperature, humidity and other factors). Likewise, there is no exact temperature that indicates closure. Typically, when wind chills head into the -22 and below range, we consider school cancellation because frostbite can set in within approximately 30 minutes. If the road conditions are not favorable, bus delays may push bus stop wait times into the 30 minute range, posing a risk to our students.

In these types of weather-related school closure situations, a designated member of the administration will often drive district roads between 3:00 and 4:30 a.m. and report findings and recommendations that help inform our decision. We also consult with weather authorities and other area superintendents, but ultimately we have to make a decision based on what we feel is in the best interest of Bloomfield Hills students.

If school is cancelled, the district will notify families and staff in the following four ways:

  • Text / email notification sent via Remind
  • Update the district website with a pop-up message
  • Post the closure on social media
  • Notify the local media for TV and Radio broadcasts

Whenever possible, we try to provide advance notice of school closures so that families can make alternate plans. Yet, this has to be balanced with waiting as long as possible to make sure the weather stays true to the forecast. No forecast is perfect and sometimes the temperatures and snowfall amounts vary, which supports waiting until 4:30 am to make the decision (despite the difficulty we know this poses to families who have less time to make alternate arrangements). There is no way to be perfect with this. We can only make the best possible decision in real time with the best available information.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Michigan winters are never predictable or easy to navigate, but we will do our very best to keep both learning and safety as our top priorities!