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Speaker Inspires BHS Staff to Create a Climate of Success for All Students

Speaker Inspires BHS Staff to Create a Climate of Success for All Students

Before school even started, Bloomfield Hills Schools staff took part in multiple professional development and learning activities. Included in those experiences was a presentation by well-known speaker Dr. Adolph Brown III. Using material and illustrations from the international mental wellness best seller, Two Backpacks, and the education classic Real Talk, Brown encouraged the BHS staff to create a learning climate where ALL students can experience success.

Dr. Brown started the talk dressed as a student carrying a backpack and explained the human brain receives more than 11 million messages per second. “If we had to filter and think about everything, we’d be exhausted,” Brown said. “But when it comes to students – when it comes to people – I want you to second guess. I want you to look at me and think, ‘What is his story? What’s in his backpack?’” Brown went on to talk about personal experiences as a student, teacher, and professor and how educators influenced an early life filled with a lack of money, but a wealth of relationships. Later in the speech, Brown opened the American flag backpack to reveal a Spiderman backpack that had been hidden inside. “Everybody you meet has a second backpack,” Brown emphasized before taking off the student garb and putting on doctoral robes. 

Russ McCall, PREP teacher, was impressed by the talk. “He was remarkable!,” said McCall. “That was a fantastic way to start this school year. It left us with something legit, too - way more than platitudes and buzzwords.”

Nona Cleary, BHS paraprofessional, agreed. “It was amazing! Thank you Bloomfield Hills Schools for the amazing back-to-school speaker!”

Dr Brown