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Watch BHS Alumni Sean Forbes at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Watch BHS Alumni Sean Forbes at the Super Bowl Halftime Show

BHS alumni Sean Forbes will be performing at this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show on Sunday, February 13. Forbes, a Detroit-based hip-hop artist who is deaf, will be performing sign language interpretations of the headliners’ performances. This will be the first time that the NFL will be incorporating American Sign Language in the halftime show.

Special Education Supervisor of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program Trevor Harker said of the announcement, "the Bloomfield Hills Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program is proud to count Sean Forbes as one of its alumni. Sean attended the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program in Bloomfield Hills and will be a shining star of inspiration for many deaf and hard of hearing children and adults across the globe when he performs during the halftime show at Super Bowl LVI. We could not be more excited for Sean and his accomplishments. Wishing him all our best!"

The representation of a deaf artist at the Super Bowl resonates with many DHH staff and students who shared their excitement to see Forbes perform. Known for being a hard worker during the time in the program, Forbes has carried that through to the current career. Following graduation, Forbes has given back to the DHH program and has served as a role model to current students.

In early 2020, Forbes entered the Billboard music charts in the United States for the album “Little Victories” and was the first musician who is deaf to make the list. Get to know more about Forbes at the website at

Congratulations to Sean Forbes on these amazing accomplishments! You make us proud!