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Master Property Planning Update Regarding Lahser

On January 19th, the Board of Education will vote on the demolition of the North half of the Lahser building. Through our extensive Master Property Planning (MPP) work (, we found no viable use for the North section of the building. While the district will continue to explore partnership options and potential uses for the site and the South half of the building (which includes a good portion of the interior athletic and fine arts spaces), demolishing the North side now will enable us to save the cost associated with "simmering" the building through the winter months. We anticipate approximately $200,000 in annual carrying cost savings from the demolition of this portion of the building.

In the coming weeks, the district will continue to explore the options for the remaining portion of the Lahser site. We do not anticipate this will change our original intention to maintain use of the fields for the spring/summer athletic season. We will thoroughly investigate all possibilities before taking action on the South half of the building.

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