Looking Back

This page offers a collection of reflection on where we've been as a district and some of the public outreach programs we've offered throughout recent years.

"Did You Know": A School Finance 101 Series, aimed at educating the entire community on school funding.

"Ask Rob": A Q&A Series with Dr. Rob Glass, Superintendent. Questions were submitted in-person, via telephone, or online, and then answered in multiple on-demand video episodes. The series was especially popular during the consolidation and construction of the new high school.

"Coffee Chat": Perhaps the longest-run program, this series began as a Q&A with Greg Kowalski, a then local reporter, and the superintendent. It later evolved and became an unscripted series with Dr. Glass and a current high school student.

"The Umbrella Project": The Umbrella Project tied together many of the strategic initiatives of Bloomfield Hills Schools at that time. The Umbrella Project included initiatives such as the high school project and programming, the millage renewal, our budget, and Master Property Planning.

"Community Partnership Committee (CPC)" & "Diversity, Academic Equity, and Race Relations (DAERR)": What started as a group of citizens, meeting to discuss issues (CPC) evolved into a workgroup aimed initially at closing the achievement gap (DAERR). Today, DAERR meets monthly to review data, discuss important issues related to its core focus, and learn together.


Strategic Plan 2012-2018 Infographic
2012-2013 Strategic Plan Working File
2013-2014 Strategic Plan Working File
2014-2015 Strategic Plan Working File
2015-2016 Strategic Plan Working File
2016-2017 Strategic Plan Working File
2017-2018 Strategic Plan Working File

Superintendent Goals 2017-18
Board of Education Goals 2017-18
Mission, Goals and Values 2014

2008 Originating Strategic Plan
2009 Strategic Plan Adopted by BOE
Strategic Plan Summary Proposal, Draft 2
10.24.13: Revisiting 10-Year Strategic Plan

BHS Guiding Principles for Teaching & Learning