BHS eNotify Emails

You can subscribe to receive email updates from Bloomfield Hills Schools to receive school e-newsletters, special program updates, and news about Bowers School Farm, Recreation, Bloomin' Preschools, Latchkey, Kidz Zone, and more! Please follow the steps below to sign up:

  • Login to your My Bloomfield account here.
    Note: Families and staff: You already automatically have accounts created for you. If you do not have an account, click the “create new account” link on the My Bloomfield login page.
  • Hover your mouse over your name in the top left hand corner of your browser window.
  • Click “subscriptions” in the drop down menu.
  • Click “settings” to the right of “current subscriptions- email mailing lists (eNotify)
  • Navigate to “available subscriptions.” Check the boxes of the emails you wish to receive and then click the “update settings” button at the bottom of the window.

Looking to sign-up for your school e-newsletter?

Families will automatically be registered through My Bloomfield to receive weekly e-newsletters at the start of each school year for the school(s) their children attend. If you wish to receive more e-newsletters, please follow the steps above to manage your subscriptions. If you wish not to receive these newsletters, simply "opt-out" when you receive the first newsletter.

Not receiving the emails you signed up for? It is possible that you have "globally unsubscribed" from all BHS emails. Please follow the steps above to manage your subscriptions. It is also possible that your e-mail server is identifying BHS e-mails as spam and either adding them to your spam folder or bouncing emails back (not allowing emails to reach your inbox). After a certain number of bounce backs, your e-mail is moved to a "do not email" list.

How to be sure that you will receive BHS eNotify email in the future: 1.) Add the e-mail "" (do not include quotation marks) to your e-mail address book or contact list. 2.) Check for and remove the emails from that address from your spam inbox. 3.) Email, requesting that your e-mail address be added back on the distribution list.


    Encore Magazine

    Greetings! We would like to announce the very first issue of Encore, the magazine for alumni and friends of Bloomfield Hills Schools! In this magazine, you will find articles about our fantastic alumni, retired staff, teachers and students.

    To read the latest issue of ENCORE click here.



      The Parent Teacher Organization Council (PTOC) is a group of dedicated families whose mission is to provide a communication, resource, and leadership network within the Bloomfield Hills School community. The PTOC, by facilitating the information flow within the community and between individual school PTOs, works hand-in-hand with the BHS administration and Board of Education to support ideals and goals that will ensure the best quality education for all students. Click here to read more about the PTOC and individual school PTOs.