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Did you know that the first graduating class from Bloomfield Hills Schools was eight students in 1936? And that despite the many challenges of the Great Depression, the high school (which predated Andover and Lahser) was accredited that year by the University of Michigan?

The Class of 1936 occupied a beautiful building known as Bloomfield Hills School on Vaughn Road, which was later named Vaughn Elementary School and then eventually sold to Cranbrook. The school opened in 1932 and by 1936 contained 170 students and twelve grades. According to District archives, Bloomfield Hills School was "geared to college preparation from its inception, and the curriculum reflected this." Bloomfield Hills Schools has a long and proud history from those humble beginnings. We count 28,000 graduates from the original Bloomfield Hills School as well as Andover (opened in 1955) and Lahser (opened in 1967). Many of our current parents and staff are so rightfully enthusiastic about their BHS education that they return to live and teach here. Others are scattered around the globe and span the generations.

Today's technology tools make it easier than ever to reestablish a connection with old school friends. Bloomfield Hills Schools is creating an Alumni Association that will, in part, enable those connections. If you are a BHS graduate or know of one, would you please forward this e-mail to him or her? We'd like our alums to know that they can:

Encore Magazine

Greetings! We would like to announce the very first issue of Encore, the magazine for alumni and friends of Bloomfield Hills Schools! In this magazine, you will find articles about our fantastic alumni, retired staff, teachers and students.

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