Alumni News

Class of 1957 Tours BHHS


Bloomfield Hills High School Principal, Charlie Hollerith, recently gave a tour of the new high school building to members from the class of 1957 and they were very pleased! 

"Dear Mr. Hollerith:

Thank you so much for the thorough explanations and tour of the new Bloomfield Hills High School this morning. Although we had nothing to do with the design and current program formatting, we all feel very positive about the legacy we share with today's students.

One of the things that continues to register with the Class of '57 is the superior level of education we received from a superior staff and administration. I personally changed high schools 5 times and I know how much better BHHS was than the other schools I attended. The guidance and leadership you demonstrated this morning make me believe that today's graduates from BHHS will leave the grounds with the same feelings toward their school, their teachers and the school's administration.

Congratulations for your part in continuing the legacy of excellence predominate in Bloomfield Hills Schools.

Ned Grant
Bloomfield Hills Schools Class of 1957"