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Michigan Tri-County Alliance for Schools
Tri-County Alliance for Public Education

The Tri-County Alliance for Public Education is a coalition of education leaders committed to fighting for strong K-12 schools in Michigan. We work hand in hand with education leaders across the state to achieve one common goal: Ensuring all Michigan children have access to a quality public education.

To rebuild Michigan education after years of budget cuts, we urge policymakers to address these three core themes:

Restoring full and fair funding

The state has cut millions of dollars from our schools since 2010 —amounting to hundreds of dollars per student. This makes it harder for our kids to compete. It's time to invest it in our future —our kids —and restore school funding cuts.

Tackling child poverty

Half of Michigan's students live in poverty and more than 37,000 are homeless. When kids can't feed themselves, properly stay warm in the winter or even find shelter, they cannot learn. Michigan must take a more aggressive approach to fighting poverty among our schoolchildren and we can no longer afford to ignore this problem.

Protecting local control

Lansing politicians are meddling in local school issues, making it harder for our teachers to teach and kids to learn. Education policy should be crafted by education experts, teachers, parents and those on the front lines of education.

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Where's the Merit in Merit Pay and Other Education Reforms? - Oakland ISD Superintendent, Dr. Vickie Markavitch

View Dr. Vickie Markavitch's podcast on Choice. In eleven minutes it cautions that if we are not careful about how we develop and fund the choices existing outside our comprehensive K-12 school districts, we just might lose all the choices we currently have inside that system.