Bloomfield Hills Schools PTOC

The Parent Teacher Organization Council (PTOC) is a group of dedicated families whose mission is to provide a communication, resource, and leadership network within the Bloomfield Hills School community. The PTOC, by facilitating the information flow within the community and between individual school PTOs, works hand-in-hand with the BHS administration and Board of Education to support ideals and goals that will ensure the best quality education for all students.

The PTOC is dedicated to the education and development of children and to the integration of these goals into our extended communities. Sub-committees such as "Community Action for Kids' Education (CAKE)" and "In the Loop" operate to reach out to district families and community residents who do not have children within the BHS school system to inform them of important educational issues.

The PTOC Executive Board convenes to discuss current district and state wide educational issues, and prepare for monthly General Meetings, where PTO representatives from each school come together. These meetings are integral for information sharing and speaker presentations.

The PTOC, and in turn, the PTOs from each school, encourage participation from all community members. We pride ourselves in being an open, informative organization that is willing to work together in the best interests of our children.

To learn more about the Bloomfield Hills Schools PTOC, please visit:


Birmingham Bloomfield Families in Action

The BBFA is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the healthy, drug-free growth of our school-age children. To learn more, visit their website at


Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition

The mission of the BBCC is to educate and mobilize the community against substance abuse. Their role in the community is to serve as a catalyst to challenge individuals in all community sectors to initiate, encourage and support prevention efforts. To accomplish this they provide substance free activities for teens, sponsor student leadership training and spearhead an annual event to bring various sectors of the community together. To learn more, visit their website at


Bloomfield Youth Assistance

BYA develops programs on a local basis. This is a cooperative effort between Oakland County Youth Assistance, the Bloomfield Township, and a committee of community volunteers. A counselor provided by Oakland County Probate Court/Circuit Court-Family Division serves the program. Click here to learn more.


Community Action for Kids Education

Community Action for Kids Education is a group of motivated volunteers who work together to educate, inform and mobilize the residents of Bloomfield Hills Schools with regard to legislative and other issues that have a direct impact on our schools.

Community Service

Community Service

This group supports Bloomfield Hills Schools' emphasis on the merits of community service and service learning. In recognition of the educational value of giving to others, PTO Council encourages participation in a district-wide community service effort at least once per year.

Small Talk FlyerSmall-Talk Legislative Conversation

You’re invited to the following “Small Talk” session:

April 23, 2018 | 12 PM
State Representative, 40th District in
the Michigan House of Representatives

The goal of “Small Talk” is to create a space for dialogue between families and local officials.

This conversation will take place at:

Bloomfield Hills Schools
Booth Center | Room D
7273 Wing Lake Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301

Registration for each session is limited to the first 40 people. Please register using the form below.


Tracey Kevelighan

Nicole Harris

Julie Garcia

Renu Zaretsky

Rachel Antone

Treasurer Elect
Wendy Schwartz

Educational Outreach Chair
Stephanie Crider

Legislative Chair
Lydia Farah

Past President
Lydia Farah


Lisa Rhoads

Carol Greig

Stacy Fox

Deborah Zupancic

Erin Watson

Chapri Pauletteer

Catherine Daneshvar

Kim Bremerkamp


Kim Costis

Lone Pine
Jaime Ben

Jennifer Frank

Nisha Doshi Reddy

Fox Hills
Lauren Schroeder

Wing Lake

International Academy
Emilia Askari

Sharon Li


Communications - Shira Good

Superintendent - Rob Glass

School Board Rep - Cynthia VonOeyen

School Board Rep - Howard Baron

School Board Rep - Ingrid Day

School Board Rep - Paul Kolin

Assistant to Rob - Leanne Summers

Doyle Center Contact - Barb Weiss